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Since the conditions blow in the east...I will YET AGAIN be spending another Sunday on the couch...watching (in my best Howard Cosell voice) THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.....I am a GIANTS fan...(yes, I know)...but besides that, I have no choice but to watch every JET game....(that is all that is broadcast around here). So, I am making my office pool picks and I think the J-E-T-S-JETS-JETS-JETS have a chance this weekend (+6.5)........Traditionally, teams coming off a Monday night road games are somewhat sluggish the following week. Roethlisberger is a little nicked up....Burress is out....plus watching the game...it had to one of the hardest hitting games of the year..... I'm thinking the JETS will go into Pittsburgh and win outright!!!!!

stirring the pot....
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The Patriots need a Jet victory this weekend so I'm pulling for the Jets. But only this week.
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I've always been a Jets fan, so I'll go with them. I like the Steelers too but hate Cower. I think he's a hair lip jerk for the way he carries himself on the sidelines. He is smart though.
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Yeah, yunz guys just waited for me to be in Patsyland before yunz start yippin' about the play-offs.

No worry if da Jets beat da Stiller 'cause dem dar Bengals gonna win outright too so the road to the Super Bowl will still be through thr Burgh.

And Lars, Bill 'ill jut out that chin 'n spray yunz 'n 'at for yer trouble.
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Allright, I was going to stay out of this but now I am in it. The Jets record has been acheived against much lesser competition than the Steelers. It is going to be a cold blustery day, the field is a mess, and I would guess that the steelers WILL NOT make the same mistake they made against the Jets last year. Staley and the Bus will roll, Curtis(who I like) will have some tough going. I will be there, to cheer them on.

The only good point about this no snow thing is the fact that I have been able to attend games.
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Wow, where are the Jets fans now?
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Originally Posted by SpringsRegular
Wow, where are the Jets fans now?
LOL,....Hey excellent game for you to be at as well!!...Overall, a very competitive game until the last few minutes.....Gotta give you credit...at least you stepped up BEFORE the game!!!
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