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Spyder Jackets - your thoughts?

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Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a new ski jacket this winter and would welcome any thoughts on the Spyder range. Some of them look rather pricy, but the quality looks good. I need something that will keep me warm and be windproof.
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AS long as you stay out of the pow, a good spyder or similar race brand jacket with zip off sleeves is an awesome choice. I currently own a Marker Challenge Series zip-off and a Descente zip-off shell, and have owned Spyders in the past. They are super warm since they're intended for standing in line at the starting gate or coaching in sub-zero temps while the wind gusts. The zipoff sleeves are really valuable in the spring when you want some core heat without the sweat that comes with it, or when you want some waterproof protection without overheating. The sleeves are terrible for pow, though, because they dont seal completely underneath the arms. This is unnoticeable on piste, they seal against wind pretty well. However, there is the matter of Spyder's hideous color combinations...
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I purchased one last year and was impressed. Mine (not sure on exact style but it was toward the higher end) kept me very warm, I usually only wore a long sleeve shirt under it. I did get too hot a few times but unzipping the zipper a bit solved that. Having it unzipped a little seemed to do the best job at regulating the warmth. The heat retention is most likely attributed to the silver fibers lining the jacket. I do like all the pockets it had, I could keep my water and snacks seperate from my maps and mp3 player when I was out west.

The only negative would be it seemed a bit bulky compared to other brands.

I haven't tried tried too many other brands other then Columbia so I don't have a whole lot to compare to.

As far as quality, I can't comment too much there as I've only had it for a season. No problem so far though

Would I buy one at full price (I got a discount on mine) it would be a tough decision to make, but I probably would get one that is a little cheaper.
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Having both the very high end (Spyder) and the very low end (Stryke) of the Spyder jacket line, I have nothing but good to say of them. Both have pit zips for ventilation, both are comfortable. The high end has pockets up the kazoo, features all over the place, and is the most comfortable ski jacket I've ever used, with a phenomenal comfort zone. I've enjoyed it from below zero to spring conditions, and it feels so cushy. The "low end" was a damned good buy and a terrific jacket, too - although easily distinguishable from the high end. I bought it for those occassions when I don't want to leave an expensive jacket in an accessible place.

Only a few models have the zip-off sleeves - mine do not, and I have not missed that feature. I also have Spyder ski pants which are serving me very well.

I don't think you can go wrong with this line, especially considering the very wide range of price points and features.
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Make sure that you try them on! Spyder, more than most other brands that I've worn, are tailored to fit an athletic frame. If they fit you, they're great.

FWIW, I'm going with Patagonia this year, and they are another excellent choice.
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Spyder Poison Jacket

I just bought the Spyder Poison Jacket and I absolutely love it. The quality is great and it looks pretty sharp too. At $199.00 thru Altrec I think it was a steal.

I like to layer and have stayed very warm with just some light thermal underwear and fleece pullover. The jacket is totally windproof and waterproof and has a built in powder guard. Has vents under the arms for fast cool downs and lots of clever pockets. Has a built in goggle cleaner which is pretty handy as well. Note that this is basically a heavy duty shell jacket and uninsulated.
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I've got nothing but positive things to say about Spyder clothing. I've had both the zip-sleeve and fixed sleeve parkas and shells, and they've been fine in powder (grew up in SLC, a Rowmark alumnus). Even the zip-sleeve models are fine - not much leakage, if any, if the sleeves are put on with the gussets in the right place.

I also swear by their fleece, zip turtlenecks and pants. I currently have two pair of their skiing pants: insulated, side-zip and the coach's bibs. Both are great, and have held up well (pants are 14 years old, bibs are 6 years old).

The only negative I've ever had with Spyder are their leather racing gloves. But that's minor (I eventually switched to Swans, Reusch, and now Marmot).
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Thanks everyone - that seems pretty convincing to me!

The one I was looking at (can't remember the name) had zip-off sleeves, which I doubt would get much use even in the spring, but the rest of the jacket felt great. As I'm not very good in powder I doubt it'll be a problem!

Off to the shops now...
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