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Rotobrush Advice

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My coach just got a rotobrush set and I need some advice on how to use it, I've heard that you can create problems quickly if you don't do it right. He got a horsehair and a nylon brush. Not sure if it's black, grey or white tho. I'll have to ask him.

I've read the swix instructions - 1 foot at a time tip to tail, but I was hoping someone with some experience could give me some more pointers.

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Go to base waxing. Rotobrushes are the 4th bold topic down.

good luck.
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Thanks. I think I've seen that article before but never looked at the rotobrush section or really read much of the article. Some good stuff in there.
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There are speeds for different brushes. I have taken a marker and put the prm on each brush. I get a feel for 800rpm for the combi brush. I use the nylon and horse hair at full drill speed.

I go from tip to tail in one continuous motion, at whatever rpm is recommended. I don't use to much pressure on the brush. Just be light with it, it is better to make more light passes to get it right then one heavy pass that screws things up. Just think about what you are doing and take your time. It's realy not that difficult.

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