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Dynastar Exclusive Legend

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Hi, LM.

It's interesting you ask. My wife is going to try a pair in the next couple of weeks. One of the shops here in JH has a whole bunch of them in all sizes and some of their staff (a couple of really, really good women skiers) are absolutely raving about them.

We were at Snowbird about three weeks ago and the shop on the tram dock also had them as demos. The guy there (whom we've known for years) also said it's a very good ski for strong women skiers.

While it has little to do with how the Exclusive Legends *ski*, my wife really likes that gripper pad just ahead of the binding toe. She's had shoulder and wrist surgery the last few years and really finds it difficult to carry skis in what we all consider the "normal" way. That pad looks pretty interesting.

I'll post back after she's had a chance to make some turns on them.
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Here is Pete Keelty's comment on them.
Female-specific 4800. Test skiers loved it, for all the same reasons. Does require some energy and is very stable at speed, on groomed or off. Great crud ski for females and a good choice for a "one-ski-quiiver." One of our overall favorite female skis.
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Thanks Dudes! If anyone knows of anyplace in Summit County that has demos, let me know. Would also consider demoing them at ESA in Big Sky.

I don't really fit the profile of who they're designed for, but then again, I'm not the target skier for the Burnin' Luvs, and I loved that ski!
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DAMN!!! Only one store in Summit County that carries them! I'll try them and report back. Guess this may be a good weekend for mid-fats.
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A word of caution ( yes I always seem to swim against the sea of enthusiasm). On early models at least Dynastar built up a area for the heel mount to 'move a woman skier forward'. As has been debated lots this just exacerbates the ramp angle on bindings that push woman's lower leg foward and forces them to drop the hip back to balance. This is dead opposite to their stated and desired effect. Haven't seen them this year and maybe that has changed. Other than that they felt like a solid ski and the carrying pad was a hit.
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L.M.: Got them for Mrs. Crab and she loves them. She's a tele skier who only skis resorts so she's been skiing alpine skis with tele setups for awhile now. It's replacing the Dynastar 4x4 which was a favorite among the women at Alta.
They are light, quick and stable- good on hard pack and crud- carvy, don't chatter at speed- responsive- all around fun. And very pretty. That's all I could get out of her, but it takes a great ski to get her to part with her 4x4's.
She got some Phat Luvs too for powder. Phat luvs luv pow, not so much hard stuff. Legends eat it up. Good Christmas for Mrs. Crab.

L7- there is amout 1 mm of extra material under the heel, But it shouldn't make any difference- She's got about 15mm of lift under a G3 binding that adds another five mm or so.
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So "One Luv" wasn't enough and now even "Burnin' Luv" won't satisfy?

(sorry babe couldn't resist! : )
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But you are my Exclusive Legend babe!!!

BTW, thanks L7 and Mr. Crab for the feedback!
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For ski sluts wishing to break the cycle of promiscuity, The Exclusive Legend may almost be the one ski that inspires an exclusive relationship.
The ski is elegant like a medieval sword, yet it carves like a butter knife.

The Legend has exposed a fallacy in my thinking: I used to think that I could only carve decently on a narrow waisted ski. The Legend's 75 waist carves just fine!

The Exclusive Legend is not as stiff as the Burnin' Luv'. It sacrifices stiffness for sensuality. Perhaps this is why bump skiing on the Legends is a smooth, sensuous experience, borderlining on erotic. I was surprised, at the end of the run, to see that I was still fully clothed!

The ski is elegant and beautiful. You'll want to ski with elegance, and it will help you. It's also surprisingly forgiving. Fall from grace, it will warn you, not punish you.

While the Exclusives may make you think about total commitment, they may be less slightly less exciting than the Burnin' Luvs. I was comfortable pushing my limits, but I had no desire to become a "bad girl."

When it comes to skis, finding the one and only is a challenge.
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