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Newbie has a question about Park City this weekend

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Hello All,
I am a newbie here and I am off to Park City this weekend from Saturday through Monday night and I had some questions. This will be my fourth time to Utah but I have only been to Park City once and I have never skied at any of the resorts there, I have previously only spent time at Solitude and Brighton.
My first question is how I should go about getting to my hotel, I am staying at the Park City Marriott. I am only 21 so I don't think I will be able to rent a car, nor do I really feel like it Does anyone know if they have some type of shuttle from SLC airport? If not what would be the cheapest way to get to the Marriott?
My next question is about lift tickets; I am aware of the Quick Start program and have already registered. I was thinking about using my free lift ticket on Deer Valley since it seems to be the most expensive ticket. I was wondering which resort (Canyons or Park City) I should go to on Sunday and which on Monday morning. Does anyone know of any place where I can get discount lift tickets?
Finally my last question, I will be bringing my own equipment but my girlfriend will be needing to rent. What are your recommendations on what I should do? I can rent some equipment back here in PA for about $50 for the weekend. Would it be cheaper to just rent daily or a weekend rate from someplace out there?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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I use this when I go from SLC airport to Park City lodging:


And there is a FREE FREE FREE FREE shuttle within town (Park City) that will get you to Deer Valley, The Canyons, and Park City Mountain resort. (It runs late, so have fun and let them haul you back to the hotel.)


Ask your concierge about the ski shuttle stops. There's probably one at the entrance of your lodging or pretty close, at least.

Last time I was there, you could shuttle out to Alta/'Bird for the price of a Snowbird lift ticket. Maybe that was Lewis Bros. Shuttle if it wasn't All-Resort.

http://www.lewisbros.com/ (check SKI TRANSFERS on that page.)
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Hey Ryan,
Thanks for your help man, I appreciate it!
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I am partial to Deer Valley when in Park City, and that's a good call for that first free day. I'd guess it's a draw as far as where to ski the next two days, as far as one being a better call than the other. I think I myself might hit Park City on Sunday, only because the first stop up from the valley is The Canyons, so they might get a bit more weekend traffic than PCMR. Hit The Canyons on monday.
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You should have some good skiing this weekend. We have hada pretty nice storm move in the past couple of days. Last night a south wind picked up and it got warm so the snow was wet about 19% water. Normal here is about 7% water. Stll it was deep and well worth the the effort. I just wish I had mid season thighs to match this heavy wet snow. As for dicount lift tickets try white pine touring they sold them in the past just not sure if they still do. there is also a Chevron gas station right at the Kimbell Juntion exist It will be on the left hand side of the road might be able to talk the driver into stopping to buy the passes. Who knows maybe other in the Van may want some. Since they are haveing a demo day at Canyons on Sat might want to hit that and then do Park City and save Deer Valley for Sunday. have fun.
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First I want to thank everyone for their imput and suggestions. By doing some searching I was able to find an unbelieveable deal for a jeep grand cherokee (sp?) for the time out there so now I have a rental car. Since I will have the car I figured I'd take the drive over to Alta, I have always wanted to ski there. Snowbasin was also a possibility, does anyone else have some suggestions. If in case you missed it I have already been to Brighton and Solitude a few times so they aren't a possibility. Thanks again guys!
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Gee-Alta might still be a good bet for pow on Saterday, depending on the avalanche work. They usually open Ballroom last because it's under the Baldy Chutes, so if it's clear tommorrow, it may open in the afternoon or they may wait till Saturday morning- just in time for you. Ballroom is a blue bowl. Alta is higher and usually has drier snow when it dumps wet like this. Groomers everywhere will be great with all this fresh though and Deer Valley will be great any day. Be sure to drive up to the ski valets and have them unload your skis- it's a hoot. And bring an extra $5 for the gourmet lunch. Park City is great too- lot's of cruisers and not too steep unless you want it. If you're at the Marriot in town you're next to the Town Lift and can rent skis at Utah Ski and Golf next door. If you're at the Marriot at the resort center you're next to the Payday chair and can rent skis at Cole Sports.
I'll be at DV Saturday- they have a discount ski program for local kids and we're signed up. Bringin' my edgie-wedgie!
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Thanks for the input Mr. Crab, I think she is just going to rent some skis for the season. I'm liking Alta/Snowbird on Sunday and possible Park City Monday morning. Of course we will utilize the free tickets for Deer Valley on Saturday; what'd you think?
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Sounds like a good plan to me. Just about any day at Alta is a good day. If all goes well most of PCMR should be open this weekend. The snow was heavy and wet yesterday Even up in the bowls it was a work out. still a lot of fun on my Apache Chiefs but still very challenging.Temps are warming up a bit for the weekend. could be spring like conditions in Dec.
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Not sure if I should ask this here, but does anyone know where I can have my atomic 410 device bindings mounted (without being charged and arm and a leg) in close proximity to the Park City Marriott? I have them being mounted to my new atomic c 9:18 and no one back home will do it fast enough for me. Thanks!
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Well the trip was fantastic! I had my bindings mounted at Gart Sports, right in PC. They did it for me on the spot which was fantastic and something that would take a week back here. We went to PCMC on Saturday, Alta on Sunday, and Snowbird on Monday. It was a fantastic trip and I can't wait to go back!
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