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Mad River is just different

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For any that doubted this fact please read the front of their web page

They mention how they recieved a foot of snow and now with the mixed precipitation that snow is solidified and this is just GREAT!

In reality this does make a good base, since it is not going anywhere anytime soon. But seriously, would any other ski area so enthusiastically embrace a foot of rock hard frozen slab, don't even know what to call it. Killington would have claimed they recieved two feet of light powder. As people flocked their they would be enraged, but hey that is killington. Anyway sorry for no link I am using Mozilla and it was giving me a hard time it is


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MRG is the best. :thumbsup:
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I agree so much I bought a pass there. I am crossing my fingers but it is starting to look like this next storm may be mostly snow up there That should solidify their base and all we will need is a little real snow and the real fun will begin. One thing about mrg, they tell it like it is.

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Don't get up there enough these days. They are brutally honest - like when it rains, and they close the hill for a day to let the water "drain out of the snow". Never been there shortly after one of those, but I would imagine it must help?
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I know a bunch of skiers who would enthusiastically embrace a frozen slab right about now.
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always helps when the marketing folks are reporting to a few hundred owners that don't care about increasing skier visits and profit instead of just one that is. mrg has hands down the best weather reporting in new england and i usually use it as a stake against which to hold other ski areas.
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keep it secret, keep it safe.
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