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Fat twin-tips

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I need people's opinions. I m wanting to buy new fat twins. Here is my list Line Mothership, K2 seth pistol, Atomic Stomp, Rossignol Scratch Bc, and Salomon Pocket Rocket. Which one should i buy
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The first things that we would need to know about before we send you off after our personal fav's would be (1)Where do you ride?(2)How will you be riding?(3)Height/Weight (no, I don't need a date. ).

The PR is going to be an easy favorite. The mags love it, and it is a good solid performer. The Pistol is going to get a lot of hype, which it might deserve. The vertical sidewalls have my attention on that one. It might just give the PR some healthy contention. The Stomp will be a nice all-mtn stick, but is less of a park ski due to its stiffness and weight (IMHO).Line's seem to be a love or hate 'em thing, so try a pair out first. I haven't skied the Rossi's, but I have heard about some durability issues. Another to consider is the Volkl V Pro. I haven't been on a pair yet, but I have heard very solid comments about versatility and durability.

In the end, get a fat twin only if you are going to use it as a twin. Otherwise, your choices for fats are much broader. If you indeed intend to land fakie and ride into booters with your backside leading the way, then I salute you as a brother of new-school. :
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my skiing is perfecting my park and pipe while discovering off piste. I m 6'1 and 180 pounds, and i m east coast skier. Even tho the first thing that comes to mind as bein in the east coast is no sno, we had more snow in the past 2 years then kickn horse. Phenominal dumps. But after feb, the snow gets heavy, really heavy. I tried 1080's and rockets, 1080's are just to thin for me, rockets are about the best width i coulda got, or around there anyways. I have a paair of 9.18's so i don't need worry about versatility
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If you liked the PR, then jump on it. The 185 might be the size for you. Did you try the '02 or '03 1080? The 2003 version is considerably different. Personally, I am torn between the new 1080 and PR for my next pair...even if they have the nickname of the "blue noodles."

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i tried 02 177, 1080's. Have u tried the 03, b/c i m dying to know what they're like, if they are any better, or worse then the 02's
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