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Have Fun, ETU, Gang!

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I'll be thinking about you in the 8 inches of fresh champaign snow we are getting in the Summit!

Seriously, you are in for a treat. The ETU is the best place to learn how to ski in typical eastern conditions.

To whatever lucky lady or guy that wants to make his lady happy who wins the K2 raffle, I have two words:

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Thanks, we'll be thinking about you and your 8" of fresh powder while we're skiing in the rain :
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It will not rain. It will not rain. It will not rain.
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Originally Posted by Ice Queen
It will not rain. It will not rain. It will not rain.
You're right, I'm sorry I said such terrible things! I hope the snow gods will forgive me!

On a positive note weather.com is predicting a wintery mix Friday night and a 100% chance of snow on Saturday!!

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Timing is everything. Nice! Hope you all have a great weekend.
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Whooo-hoooo! Ice last year, powder this year! Enjoy, friends!
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The Ice Queen has spoken. It will not rain. Doubt the word of the Ice Queen? Then you shall experience the wrath of the Ice Queen.
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I've been praying to the SNOW gods! Ullr will bring us snow! Think snow!
Time to SKI!
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How was it? We skied a little Saturday at Bousquet....it was actually GREAT SNOW, what little there was, and we didn't need a coat!
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Saturday nice somewhat wet conditions, skiing in rain/snow mix.

Sunday pretty darn good at Spruce, shear ice at Mansfield. But thanks to great coaching still a total blast.
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I thought Sunday at Mansfield was pretty good. Stu had us on Lord and Standard -- some scraped spots where it was steeper, but pretty good considering. We called it edgetop powder.
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Funny we were on Lord and Standard - in the afternoon only - and there was pretty sheer ice on at least 50%-75% of the trails.
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Sunrise at the end of the day was 1.5" fresh top to bottom; there was a lot of play snow on the side of Lord too. The only one of us having ice trouble was Tinkerbelle, mostly because her ski tips were twisting out from under her.
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There was definitely a lot of ice on Mansfield, especially later in the day. I didn't mind too much though, it meant we got hands on instruction on multiple surface types The lift line for the quad on Mansfield was pretty bad Sunday morning though, of course right after we decided to head over to Spruce they opened up the double...

Had a great time, I hope I can return next year! It was pretty hard to leave in the heavy snow coming down Monday morning
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As is typical in the Northeast, if you didn't like the conditions just wait a couple hours and it would change.

Tree barker and I arrived late Thursday night awoke to a wintry mix on Friday. We headed up to the original Mansfield Lodge and met Bob and Tom for lift tickets. We met Comprex and crew so we bombed Lord, North Slope, Ridgeview, Sunrise and Centerline for the morning. Conditions were machine made groomed and because of small crowds it took a while before the ice base was exposed.

Saturday was warm and damp wintry mix with a few inches of wet freshies. I was on Spruce all day shooting video for the crew but the slopes weren’t crowded so surface conditions were good for the most part except for the steeper faces.

Sunday afternoon I joined Tim Thompson's advanced group and the trails were like a tilted ice ring. My first real run since cruisin' the groom on Friday was a quick wake up on Centerline, the only open Diamond run. What was groomed, fast on Friday was now the East's best gnarly, icy killer moguls. I did well following cgeib's line at the top but stopped to catch my breath then picked my way down the ice flow, duly humbled. A few runs later Tim snagged Dave Merriam (Snow Sport Director, D-Team Coach, and skier extraordinaire) for a run. You guessed it, we skied Centerline again. Well, all I'll say about my run was this; I didn't fall.

Once again those that stayed to ski Monday were rewarded with almost a foot of Vermont's best December wet powder. The only scrapping I heard was on my way to the new terrain opening as Gulch, Tyrol and a few other intermediate pitches opened. I had the luck to be at rope drop on green circle Lullaby Lane.

I had a great time greeting familiar faces and meeting new Bears but I missed a few friends from last year so I made some turns with them on mind.

Special thanks to the staff and Dave Merriam for the support and warm welcome. Stowe is a great Mountain.
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And I hear you won the K2s, you lucky guy!
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That's very cool that you won the K2s, Springster. What model are you going to get?

We'd love to hear more about the ETU. What did you learn, what made it special, how has your skiing improved?
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There's a thread in the Skiing Instruction Forum called "Unmitigated, Unsolicitated Praise for the ETU" with some great answers tow hat we learned, etc.
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Originally Posted by nolo
what made it special
Springhill's superb and patient videography.
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Originally Posted by comprex
Springhill's superb and patient videography.

Great to meet you, G, & D this past weekend. Hopefully there were no additional fees incurred at the hotel from your curing process!

What was it about the video process that you liked?

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Thanks Chris, good to meet you as well. They had dark green rugs in the hotel so no explicit evidence (grease drips), hee.

Why was I impressed with the videos?

The taping:
- Super focus and image quality in spite of crowded runs, other skiers constantly intruding into the sight line, constant misting, fog and wintry mix.
- Very good transitions, especially close-in. There were three sequences where I was able to see ski and skier close up for several frames (and thereby notice more of my bad habits as well as observe flawed gear). If one's told a ski is rot, it's always better to see the evidence on video
- There was some indication of what the terrain actually looked like underneath the skier even in light as flat as it was on Saturday.

The interpretation:
- The video completely disagreed with my own impression/self image on the first day. Being able to ascribe a correct self-image to the first-person sensations certainly helped explain the posture cues Stu was trying to give us, especially with the one-footed work.

I didn't see much of the other groups' video; what little I did see was very interesting in regard the coaches' comments and differences of style. Heh, if they could be all compiled onto DVD with a coaches' commentary, now that would be something indeed! M'be for ESA?
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Re: Video

In fact, as the various sources of footage are consolidated, a DVD of the weekend will be created. Details to be forthcoming.
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Originally Posted by vail snopro
In fact, as the various sources of footage are consolidated, a DVD of the weekend will be created. Details to be forthcoming.
Wow! That alone is worth the price of admission!
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I would like to see a DVD of the footage. I didn't really have a chance to see my video
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
And I hear you won the K2s, you lucky guy!
Originally Posted by nolo
That's very cool that you won the K2s, Springster. What model are you going to get?

We'd love to hear more about the ETU. What did you learn, what made it special, how has your skiing improved?
Yeah, I'm still dumb struck. What would you recommend I try?

I was looking at Fischer World Cup SC or Dynastar Omniglass slalom or Atomic SL11 on e-bay. I was looking for a short, turn sculpting ski with a wasp waist and a wide tip and tale to make me smile. Does K2 make a ski/binding system?
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ETU 2... again a masterpiece!
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How about this ski? http://www.k2skis.com/products/skis/ski.asp?ProductID=3

Or this ski? http://www.k2skis.com/products/skis/ski.asp?ProductID=1

K2 will sell you skis with integrated bindings or flat.
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Nolo, what about the Recon or Mach S Comp?
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The Recon has a wider 78mm waist, but the Mach SL at 65mm http://www.k2skis.com/products/skis/...p?ProductID=28 would qualify as waspish as well, and has the most flare at tip and tail of the three recommended skis. Have a look at the specs and make your own decision!
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