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Colleges and Skiing

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As some of you may have seen from a previous post, I'm interested in designing physiological engineered clothing... clothing from a truly scientific/functional view rather then fashionable. I'm in the process of applying to graduate schools now and those who have both Exercise Physiology (my major) and Textile engineering are high on my list... Colorado State in Fort Collins is one such school.

What I'm looking to know from all you bears...
1. What is Fort Collins like as a town?
2. How Close is great skiing and how close is any skiing (being a grad student may not afford me the option of taking long trips, so even if something is decent and close it'll get visited the most often

#3 (outta left field...) University of Utah is also on the List b/c of their exercise physiology program... and nothing to do with the skiing
Is SLC a decent place to live? How far up the canyon are Alta-Bird, Solitude etc? Being from the east coast all that "powdery snow" is going to be a blast but there will be a learning curve for sure so I was thinking about Solitude for a season pass because it seems a bit less hardcore then alta-bird and parkcity seems further away.

#4. Any good schools of then those two in mountain towns that you've enjoyed?

Thanks Bears.
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I live in Ft. Collins, across from the public library. The town is great, it doesn't have a complex about itself like Boulder. The resorts are two hours away, not all that bad. Backcountry is closer - Cameron Pass is pretty fun. Salt Lake is the place to be as far as skiing availability - major resorts are 45 min away.
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University of Utah is about 45 minutes from any of the four resorts. SLC isn't a bad town. If you do a search on the city, there is SO much that has been talked about in those regards. The skiing is unbeleivable, that's for sure.
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I moved to Utah from the midwest in the 1980s for graduate school at the U of U and spent several years in SLC. I enjoyed my time there immensely. The skiing was fabulous and the other year round outdoor activities were great diversions from academics.

I lived in the univesity area, which is conveniently located in the city. Good access to downtown, skiing, etc. without having to fight traffic in the commuting corridors.

Also, I found lots of outdoor oriented people that I enjoyed spending time with, including one in particular I met in a graduate statistics class... We have been happily married for 20 years.
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I went to CSU and skied about 60 days a year. Ft. Collins is a nice town with great weather and relatively good access to the mountians. Cameron Pass has great back country and is a great low stress/traffic alternative to the I-70 mess.
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