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Lake Louise is getting better.

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If you haven't been up to the Lake this week, it has gotten pretty good. It is no longer just boring groomed runs. The back has some pretty good skiing. Sure there are still some rocks (it is the Lake after all) and not everything is open; but what is open is pretty good. Brownshirt and East Bowl have good coverage and still have some powder hanging around. If you haven't been up lately, do yourself a favour and go check it out.
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I haven't been up high yet I'm still skiing on some elses new skis. I heard the lifts up top and back are running real slow. Might have taken rock boards out the other day but given the temps dead slow lifts had pretty low appeal.

Tomorrow my nephew is racing his first NorAm so I guess that'll keep me low too. On the plus side I'm having fun on Metron 10s.
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Yeah, Paradise was running pretty slow yesterday, but it seemed to be faster today. It hasn't really been that cold. There has been almost no wind so it has felt pretty warm. It's supposed to be pretty warm the next few days anyways. It's worth getting a few runs on the back after the race.
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I was up the last two days but not today. Yesterday especially was pretty nice temp wise but I ran out of time for changing skis and going over the top. I also have a boiler issue I have to make it back for but maybe up and over tomorrow.
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