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The revelation I explored in this thread: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=21506
is the idea that having difficulty in bumps is a symptom of some kind of problem in your basic technique, as opposed to being a difficulty in itself.

A number of things can be going on: Tail pushing, balance problems, misalignment, etc. Try not to look at the entire mogul field and say "YIKES!!" As Mike says, take it "one perfect turn at a time."

It's also fun to follow an instructor who knows your technique pretty well down a mogul run. Eventually, your brain turns off, and it feels like you're riding on the back of a motorcycle! What a blast!!!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Eventually, your brain turns off, and it feels like you're riding on the back of a motorcycle! What a blast!!!
With all due respect, and having been a fairly accomplished offroad motorcycle racer in my younger years, the LAST feeling I want is that of riding on the BACK of a motorcycle! I want to be in the saddle, solo, both feet on the pegs, head over the bars, right wrist fully cocked, and dirt roosting from my rear tire. I'm probably the world's worst motorcycle passenger, 'cuz I can't STAND the feeling of not being in control!

That's also the level of control I like to feel when skiing the bumps. I turn when *I* feel like turning, not when the bumps tell me I need to. When I was struggling to learn to ski bumps, I think I was letting the bumps dictate how I skied. As I've become more proficient, I've gotten over that to where I just ski and don't worry about where my next turn will be. That said, I still really appreciate it when I find one of those perfect lines where I can just "kiss" off the corners of a series of bumps. Oooooohhhhh. I gotta quit..... now I want to go skiing

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AM. It's a chick thing. I grew up riding the back of motorcycles in the Italian neighborhoods of NYC. Sometimes it's nice to feel like someone else is in control, so I can just 'ride.'
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Bumps are great cuz snowboarders can't do em. Any snowboarder in the bumps looks like a complete and total tool compared to a high level skiier like myself

They're also everpresent... Every hill will always have a bump run, and it will almost invariably have better snow than a comprable groomer.

Finally, they're the easiest place to go above and beyond, and show off (h) On groomers it's a helluvalot easier to look impressive, while in the bumps when I lay down a really nice set I know that of the other ppl skiing that run on that day, less than 5% can do it as well as I did it and of course, resorts love having bumps under the lift.
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While I can ski bumps quite well, they're not my faves. I just don't enjoy it too much - multiple knee, ankle and back injuries tainted the well, so to speak, though there's no pain for me in them now.

I guess I'm still addicted to the speed aspect of skiing - I love letting 'em rip. And I grew up in Utah, where skiing tight chutes, cliffs, trees and bowls was the fun challenge. So while I'll get in a runor two of bumps on a ski day, I'm still drawn to either steep-and-icy or the more backcountry stuff. And even in the east, I'll take the trees over the bumps.

Just my $0.02.
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Originally Posted by riverc0il
there are a few appeals for me, in no specific order... i ski bumps:
-to be challenged
-to get off groomers that bore me
-to work on a skiing technique i still need improvement on
-to ski the entire mountain and not be limited by snow conditions
-because i enjoy them
Well said and besides, they keep you humble and in-shape, two good things.
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all good reasons and the least crowded slopes at any resort. You don't have to worry about some boarder smacking into the back of you or some high speed carver doing the same. Bumps also hold powder long after the other slopes have been shredded
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Agree with Pierre.
It's the rhythm. At 43, I don't take much air, but with good technique it's not really that hard on the knees. I doubt that bumpers have more injuries than gate racers.
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Years ago I took bump lessons and could get down the "classic" bump skiing way. Then I got a pair of Dynastar GS skis with the metal Omega. Definitely not classic bump skis. However, they did work perfectly in a schuss straight down the bumps. Kiss Kiss Kiss the tops. Now thats bump skiing.

Now I just don't go into the bump mines. My old back will remind me very quickly about my age, even though my pea brain thinks I am still 18. And don't even think about that schuss in the bumps without skis that are much like a good downhill ski.
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I love skiing bumps for a couple reasons...one it is the hardest place to ski, if you can get through the bumps lightning fast you can ski anywhere....another reason is we don't have all the amazing terrain they have out west on the east coast...so we ski bumps all day long....the best part is when you go out west thier bumps are jokes compared to bumps in the east...I love ripping past skiers out west through bumps and then telling them i am from PA...I really hate hearing them always brag about how great thier snow is
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