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Who is your Skiing Role Model?

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So we all have one. That one person who you saw skiing that one time and just thought, "DAMN!"

For me that guy is Glen Plake (probably not alone here). I remember seeing him in some Warren Miller films and then eventually one day getting his autograph at a sports store on a Rip Curl catalog. I was a bit too young then to really appreciate it, but today I look back on that catalog and think its pretty cool. Plus, he just seems like a really laid back, easy going kinda guy. He skis those moguls on 215s with more grace than most people ski groomers.

I think the new school skiing is pretty cool, and I enjoy seeing someone go big off the pipe and pull some nice tricks, but I am put off by the ego that a lot of these guys have. Plake is a guy who knows he can rip up the mountain any time anywhere, but it's not about him or what he does, he makes it seem like the moutain is the one we are all looking up too. So for me, Plake is that guy who embodies the type of skier I want to be.

Who is that Skier for you?
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The one skier that comes to mind for me and he has posted here before is Bob Mazeri. I first encountered him in some steep knarly stuff in Utah. One look at him sent me to rent some skinny skis and plow snow with my nose the next day. That image of him still seems larger than life. I was hooked on telemark from the very first time I saw him make one turn in bumps. I had no idea that telemark even existed. It was very rare in those days.

He has lived in Verbier Switzerland for about the past 15 years.
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My bother Bill. He skis with an efortless quality that I am only now beginning to approach. It doesn't matter how difficult the terrain or snow conditions, it looks like he isn't even trying hard. I remember the day we were skiing at Blackcomb on Solar Coaster (the alpine was closed) and we were skiing at top speed. Some area employees were taking video of people as they came down the hill and had a banner that seemed to offer free critiques. When Bill blasted by he threw in six or so quick turns right in front of them. That's the only time I've ever seen him show off.
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I liked Scot Schmidts style and Glen Plakes attitude. Watching Scot on the videos, his stye was soooo smooth. Glen has become a great figurehead for the whole sport of late.
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Janica Kostelic!
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I'm not sure I can pick just one.

At first it was Plake and Schmidt.

Then Tomba.

Then came Moe and Moseley.

Then came the slew of young park rats and big mountain skiiers of the last few years bringing new school to the scene.

Then there is Bode...

But if I had to pick just one ( I can't) for my age bracket, it's a tie between Schmidt and Plake. Two greats for sure.

I just saw a 2004 interview with both of them today...very cool.
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Jean Claude Killy. The best I have ever seen.
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James Bond
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Dean Cummings
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Picabo and her gold medal run at Nagano. All the Austians skied a precise run while Picabo let her skis and the course dictate her run. I try to emulate her and not fight my skis and the mountain.
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Jim Weiss. EpicSki Supporters may read about him here.
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jp auclair
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The originals, for me: Phil Mahre, Steve Mahre, Ingemar Stenmark, Bill Johnson and Franz Klammer. These guys were the best, got me interested in ski racing.

Then Marc Girardelli and Roc Petrovic rewrote the book on slalom.

Girardelli kept on plugging away, and Zurbriggen, Mader and Nierlich joined him as all-around threats.

Tomba made it all look too easy - and too fun.

Then some of my peers started to hit their peak: Tommy Moe, Picabo Street (who I had known for years), Hilary Lindh, and Jeremy Nobis all came to the fore and did well.

Now it's Maier, Bode and Rahlves. Nobis still thrills. The Crist brothers (peers of mine in alpine racing growing up) are the epitome of great skiercross. Janica Kostelic is tough and, along with Anja Paerson, is rewriting the books on being competitive and pushing the envelope.

But it's still Phil, Steve, Ingemar, Bill and Franz - from the beginning.
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songfta, do you know or ski with Brian Eardley?
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The last time I thought about this it was Wayne Wong and Billy Kidd.

Now I have my favorites, but I haven't thought of them as role models.

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You really have to take them as a team; the late great Trevor Peterson and Eric Pehota (who's still going strong)! They pulled off lines (on inferior gear) that would still make the worlds best shake.
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Stein Erickson was as smooth as silk on all terrains and he skied in lace up leather boots and with hickory skis. Watch him on old films and he still is breathtaking.
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I wanna be like Bode!

Or at least have the same utter disregard for what is supposedly "known", and be willing to develop my own strategy and technique.
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Originally Posted by skion
The last time I thought about this it was Wayne Wong and Billy Kidd.

Now I have my favorites, but I haven't thought of them as role models.

Ah yes, Wayne Wong was my hero in the 70's. I could never match the guy.
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Shane McConkey
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Wow! Pick one? No chance. Role models for me are Tom Reynolds when I hit my 20s, Vicki Fleckenstien when I was a junior racer, Phil & Steve Mahre when I was still racing, Kals Fabian and Tomas Horacek - guys who made it in their respective countries as juniors then went on to teach. And the list goes on....
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A role model for me would be someone who has Style, Grace, Power, and Simplicity in skiing. He/she would need to have a great love of the sport and a passion for letting others see that side of it. A ZEST for living, POSITIVE attitude, a CATALYST for raising excitement for skiing and EXHILARATING to watch.

He/she would be the Guru of skiing....a person who you can respect, share a laugh with, and truly enjoy their company no matter what conditions you're out in, and wish for "just one more run" with them, because you're having the time of your life.:

Weems Westfeldt......take a bow.
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The Mahres. Quiet , understated , humble. The best!

Really like Plake and Schmidt too. I'll throw Travis Mayer in their too . Started skiing at HV in western New York and won an Olympic silver medal. That's pretty impressive.
How about Stein Erickson and Klaus Obermeyer who I believe still ski everyday.
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My two aren't 'skiing' role models, they are life role models. Warren Miller and Glen Plake.
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My next door neighbor, John. John works for Beaver Creek Sports and is the boot fitter guy. He skis every day that he is at work. John is 77 and has an artificial hip, a bovine heart valve and artificial knee caps. He is still excited for each and every day on the mountain.
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Pepi Steigler
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won't name names 'cause he's a bear

...and is way too humble and gracious to have any desire to be named but this particular bear skis like water. i can't describe it beyond that but for me, skiing like water is about flow, with no shortage of finesse, yet powerskiiing a mere flick of intent away. i have been lucky to ski with this bear all too briefly at the most recent gatherings at alta and jackson hole.

i have surmised that this skier probably has one huge bag of tricks at his disposal and has seen and skied a lot. thing is, zero Ego factor.

he is also the kind of guy who'll play mama duckling to a bunch of duckling-level skiers, touring the terrain, and the broad smile and twinkle in his eye is genuine. this is someone whose passion for skiing extends way beyond being early to the tram on a powder day. it's the best skiing vibe i've been around and i look forward to skiing with him in the near future.

couple other bears prob'ly have some inkling and so know as well that it would embarrass the man to drop his name in here. however, of the people i've seen ski in my 75 or so days on skis over six seasons, this is the skier i would like to be able to ski like and to be like, as far as a skiing role model.

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for me, Plake, plain and simple. He stood out amongst the whords of top notch skiers as someone who played by his own rules, skied how he wanted to, and lived by the beat of his own drummer. He proved that you do not have to "fit the mold" to be recognized as a top notch skier.

Through the years, and more recent interviews and movie clips and photos, my respect for him has grown. I now realize just how attached he feels to the mountains and how much he loves this sport (I thought it was great seeing him sliding a rail too I must admit).

But I have to admit, Seth Morrison is right up there as well.
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ryan, you're describing Bob Peters, aren't you?
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FRANZ KLAMMER. All out...Balls to the wall. Sort of like Bode!
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