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Boot whackers or toe piece scrapers...

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I was looking at my new looks and noticed the toe piece is not exactly optimal for using it to scrape boot bottoms of snow etc. before clamping in. Ever sinse i saw T J Burke in aspen extreme many yrs ago toe scraping, i`ve used his example as proper technique with my marker toe pieces. Typically at the base of any resort it is legendary listening to the sound of whack whack whack whack...............................know what i mean?
Seriously, how many of you folks boot whack with ski poles compared to those who use the excelent toe piece scrape?

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scraper here
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My caddy carries a stiff nylon brush with him.
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I've always thought of scraping on the binding as equipment abuse. I'm one of those who make a lot of noise whacking the boots with my poles.
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I admit to using the binding as a scraper, though it can cause damage to the binding and the mounting screws if done too frequently and with too much gusto. Some years back (early 1990s), I had a toepiece from a pair of Marker MRRs pull out of my slalom skis, a pair where I often used the toe as a scraper. It's nothing that heli-coils couldn't fix, but....
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There isn't enough snow in the Northeast to clean off your boots.

I use my poles because I hate scuffing up my equipment on purpose.
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After watching the whole tip section of my pole fly away from me after 'whacking' my boot to remove snow, I have succumbed to using the binding heel piece as my snow remover.
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I became a scraper last year....it looks so much cooler than useless whacking at your boots with a pole, know what I mean. Wish I had switched years ago. But I usally scrape at the heel.
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Heel scraper here.
If you lose a ski in powder its nearly impossible to use a toe piece or hit boots with poles, but the heel usually is workable.

Of course all the snow from your boots just covers the ski, right where you plan to step.
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Just kick one boot against the other.
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I do a bit of both...mainly whacking with the pole though. Last times I've skied has been with rental equipment, so I didn't really worry about breaking the pole or wrecking the binding.
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Scraper, preferably heel.
Since I mostly ski/race on groomers thereĀ“s not much necessity.
Also, the Langes are very good at staying clear of new snow.
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You could always have a personal assistant follow you around everywhere you go and make sure that your feet are clean before you step into your skis. Then its their job to scrape your boots while you stand there. Usually i just run my boots across the top of my bindings though.
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I will say that when i need to i am a boot whacker. i don't know why .... its just kind of the way it happens
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Silicone on the boot sole at the beginning of the season and once or twice through the season as needed. Cat Tracks to protect the boot soles and allow me to remove the Cat Tracks and just step in. I scrape if I need to. Whacking never did much of anything for me. I have used baskets to scrape, but not in many years. Except on kids' boots.
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I guess I'm in the scraper camp, but usually I'm a "rubber". I use my opposite hand to rub off offending snow by hand before I step in.
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2 taps on the opposite boot, a scrape on the Looks and I'm in.

We might not have as much snow in the east, but our snowball fights are alot better.
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