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GCT and bad skiing

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So you are sitting on the lift talking with your client for the day. Your client is an adult, male or female; doesnt matter. You have discussed all kinds of things just to break the ice and now you start to really focus on questions that might answers parts of the GCT. The famous question comes out, "why do you want to take a lesson." Here is the reply that you get. "Great question, this is going to be so easy because all I have to do is find a skier who skis the way that I want to ski, point them out, and you will know exactly how I want to ski." Time goes by and finally the your client sees someone and points them out. You cringe. The skier is dressed in a full jump suit and is skiing with precise accordance to something out of the Bill West book, "Distinctive Skiing."

What do you do.
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Give them what they want? You need to charge them extra if they want enlightenment.
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