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Slc 12/10-12/14

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I'll be out in SLC from 12/10-12/14 with a still relatively tentative schedule, but I'm trying to hit a different place each day. Let me know if anyone would like to meet up anywhere.
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I'll be at Alta/Bird till Sunday. Black Giro, Blue/Marroon TNF Guide jacket, 194 Intuitiv Bigs. Responds to Karl.
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I'll keep an eye out for you.
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Man I wish I would have seen this earlier... I was just out there the same time you were SKI-3PO. Where in PA are you from? I'm guessing you utilized the special fare Delta was having? Say hello to Ride2-D2 for me, lol.
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Actually, I was using frequent flier miles. Now that I've been out there once, I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for deals since it was so convenient to get out there and back for such great skiing.
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