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Boots: Ski shop vs. bootfitter

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I bought a pair of boots last season from an Atlanta ski shop. They have a fit guarantee in that if the boots you buy don't fit well, they'll make them fit (with alterations) or keep trying boots until you get a good fit. It is not a "bootfitter" store.

The guy who helped me seemed competent enough. Did a shell fit first, tried a number of boots, explained about footbeds (I still have questions about those, however), and so on.

The boots I bought are Tecnica Entryx 7 and have a couple of painful points. And, my toes in the right-hand boot feel jammed. I plan to take them back (haven't skied them yet) and get some work done or try some different models.

My question is: Should I go back there...or take my boots to a bootfitter?

I have to consider that where I live there simply are no "bootfitter" ski shops. I will be in Breck in January and thought it would be great to visit Jeff Bergeron (bootfitter) out there. But, of course, I don't want to spend the vacation in a boot shop!!!!!

Your experiences and thoughts are most welcomed.


- Jim
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If you are at all a good skier, that boot is not right. The Entryx series is a low end beginner boot. If you are ever in Chicago stop by, if you go see Jeff tell him the guys at Snowcrest say hi.
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call them back and find out who can sit down with you. If you are an acomplished skier, that boot is not for you. Just go to the same shop, but make sure your getting the right info.
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Thanks, guys.

(And if I see Jeff I will pass along your hello, Snowcrest!)

I appreciate your candor about the boot itself. I'm an intermediate skier and after reading a bit I have begun to suspect that the boot may not be enough for me. ANd one reason I haven't skied it or let them start altering it is I want to be able to trade up.

Any thoughts on the stiffness range I should be looking for? The Entryx 7 is 65. Would the range of 90 - 100 be good for my level?

I am considering trying the Nordica Beast; maybe the Beast 12. I do want some comfort! (That is, if the shoe fits...)
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There is a huge range between the Entryx and a Beast. You probably won't need quite as stiff a boot as that for some time to come. And yes, find a good bootfitter, you won't regret it!
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Also remember that the flex numbers are only good when comparing boots from the same brand. Depending on your foot shape you may want to look at Tecnicas Diablo Flame, Dolomites Rage X8,or if you are alittle on the narrow side a Lange Comp 100.
Happy Hunting
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