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Getting to Stowe by Road

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I'm driving to Stowe on Friday for the ETU from the Philadelphia area. I usually take the western route -- NYS Thruway to Rt 149 (like going to Killington), then N on Vt 22 thru Vergennes to S Burlington, then E on the Interstate spur to Rt 100 & north to Stowe. Any advantage to going through Conn to I-91? I would probably go up the thruway to Newburgh, then E on I-84 through Danbury to get to 91. (Tried that once to get to Boston. I-84 was worse than the Conn Pike).
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I think it would be quicker! Have you considered taking the NJ TPK over the Tapanzee bridge and the the NY throughway? There is an exit for NE off of there I think it's 284, that will get you on to 84 a little faster I think or, you fould continue on 95 over the GW bridge and stay on this Intersects with I 91 in or around Hartford. I believe there is a way to bypass the GW over the Tapanzee without having to get on 84 too, but I don't have a map handy. I haven't been down that way since the mid 80's
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The Vergennes-South Burlington route is the fastest route from Albany. I-91 is way too far east, plus there's the possibility of getting caught in Hartford traffic.

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if you are going to be by Killington (or fairly close), why not just take 100 (or 107, can't remember, but I think 100) from Killington to Sugarbush, then cross over 89 and go to the access road for Stowe? Heading all the way up to S Burlington seems like going to far north (and out of the way), it used to take me about 45 minutes from UVM to Stowe (just as a reference).
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Just drove up from Princeton, NJ last week to Waitsfield, just south of Stowe. Our best route is usually up 287 to 87 (NY T-way) then head up the Northway above Albany to exit 26...for Rt 17 to Ticonderoga. There's a little short cut (on the map) around Ticonderoga that cuts off some time - look for signs for the Fish Hatchery...then over bridge to VT on 17 which puts you on Rt 7 in VT. From there you can cut over to Stowe via S. Burlington or head over to Richmond and go out to 89 that way. Princeton to Waitsfield usually takes us about 5.5 hours.
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DO NOT go I-91. Stay as far away from NYC and Hartford as you can especially on a Friday evening.

Go the NY thruway like you said. Much less can go wrong.
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Thanks all. I think Jdowling is right, and it's what I've been doing all along. Works for Smuggs, too (by continuing north to Rt 15). I thought about going to 7 from 4, but that involves Rutland. And 22 is a real Vermont road, with great views of sunset behind the Adirondacks. I can be on an interstate anytime.
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