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If you are lightweight, believe me you'll notice bigtime. The highend volkls are really, really stiff--you either have to go fast to build force or weigh in above 150.
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You know, I have often wondered if I'm "talking myself into" differences between skis. That's why I did a few experiments the last two years when I skied so many different skis in a relatively short amount of time. I can tell you a couple of things anecdotally:

On two occations, one last year and one this year, a ski that I thought I would really like I didn't like at all. I have been on skis that have won rave reviews from others and found them to be dead and dull. I have also had the experience of jumping on a pair of skis, taking a few turns, and having a Cheshire Cat grin spread across my face.

This year, I watched as the pals skiing with me had the same experience on my "grin-spreading" skis. Was that because I influenced them? Perhaps, but I don't think so.

All of the guys in the group, ranging from 6 or 7 up to 8+ skiers, could tell the difference from one ski to another. And none of them (other than me) had preconceived ideas about how the various skis should ski.

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