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Duct Tape -Boot fitting tweaks

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About 10 years ago a friend of mine lived outside of Breckenridge and one of the shops over that way told him him that to "fine tune" a race fit that they often duct taped the liners of the boots to take up some volume in racers boots. I always thought just the opposite occurred , like somebody was discussing recently Bode Miller's size 12 feet in a 26 shell, i.e. the shell is blown put , punched to provide a little extra room not vice versa taking a shell that is too large and taking up volume with some liner modifications.

I felt like my toe box had a little too much room on top, so I taped a couple of strips of duct tape over the toe box of my liner. Seems to have done the trick. Has anybody else used the world's greatest invention( duct tape) to remedy boot fit shortcomings.

I acknowledge the best bet would be to get a boot that fits , but liners quickly pack out and stretch etc. Maybe the duct tape fix has some merit.
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Being an old enduro rider (offroad motorcycles), I've used duct tape for everything... including fine-tuning my ski boot fit.

I have a 14B foot (dress shoe size), and I'm still using an old Lange XRI boot (size 13). In order to keep my forefoot stationary, I have pieces of an old motorcycle innertube cut and duct taped strategically to my boot liner to take up excess space.

I've done similar things to my son's boots who seems to have inherited his feet from me.

I find it impossible to control my skis in choppy snow or in the bumps unless my forefeet are held snug by my boots. Mine still aren't satisfactory, and I'm in the process of justifying "bucking" up and seeing a good bootfitter for some new boots. Based on Phil's description, it sounds like a good starting point might be the new Dalbello Krypton boot. I haven't been able to find one in stock anywhere here in town, though.

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I have tons of ductape in my boots, x's up and down the achilles to tighten my heel. Also on the side of one cuff to hold extra padding shim in place. I keep it in my jeep at all times (for the car, not the boots). To fix a blown hose in a jiffy.
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I've used strips of Duct tape under the toe and heel to adjust cant angles in the boots (trying to make sure I'm getting the ski flat), I believe each layer of Duct tape was equivalent to .5 degree cant in the boot (actually not the cant but a base grinding of the boots)
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not to mention using duct tape as a moisture and wind barrier over the seam above the toes on my ski boots.
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Run do not walk to your nearest exit.

Originally Posted by Attacking Mid
Lange XRI boot
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Just used a couple feet in a shimming operation today. Won't know how well it works until we get some snow.
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I use it everyday when fitting boots.
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Something has to hold all the Dr Scholls stuff that I have sliced/diced and inserted to fix the "little things" that come and go during the season.
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