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Best place to buy cheap, used skis/snowboard?

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I live in Boston, MA and am looking to buy a cheap pair of skis (with bindings) and perhaps a snowboard. I already have ski boots. I only go skiing a few times a year and don't have a lot of extra money right now, so I was thinking of getting used skiis.

There appear to be some stores on Ebay that sell used rental skis - do you recommend these? Are there any places in particular you'd recommend looking or types of skis you'd recommend?

Thanks for your help!
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I like www.evogear.com for demo skis.

www.untracked.com also has some real good packages on new equipment at great prices for something 1-3 years old. I've bought from both, Al's Ski barn is VERY good to deal with.
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Contact your local ski club. I am sure they can help you out.
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Look at the classified section of this forum. Not all of the equipment listed here is high end or high price. You may find something that suits your needs for a pretty low price that is better quality than used rentals. Also look for ski swaps in your area. Most stuff trades pretty cheaply at swaps.
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Rental gear, no. Demo gear, maybe. Just bought a pair on Ebay last night from one of those places. I have heard bad things about demo gear on Ebay, but I took a chance. Closeouts can be dirt cheap, especially if you are not looking for high end stuff. I saw new ski's with bindings at a local shop for $159. All ski shops have one or two pairs from 3 years ago that they just want to dump. Make them an offer. As mentioned, private sellers, especially through something like Epic Ski, can get you some great deals on lightly used skis as well. Buying used gear is harder than buying new since there are so many more choices. Find something that looks cheap and then research it to see if it will be suitable for you.
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A lot of ski stores hold swaps in the Fall, which are essentially ski eqmt yard sales with a piece of the profits usually going to a charity and/or local ski patrol that helps run the swap. They are not for the discriminating buyer, but might be right up your alley. Unfortunately the window for Fall swaps may be over for this year. Check you local shops. I have a lot of expenses that take precedence over hi-tech ski gear, I've used swaps with great success for years to outfit my entire family, granted with periodic splurges for new, key eqmt - like Dad's ski boots.
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