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Question about Nordica Beast

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I went to a bootfitter and loved the Beast (as well as the Dolomite Rage Pro). Both need a little work to fit me right but they're as close as I've ever gotten to perfect. Anyway, retail on these guys are like 700, so I've been checking Ebay/mail order. The problem I'm running into is a lot of dealers selling 2002-2003, 2003-2004, and a few with the new 2004-2005.
I've found a very good deal for a 2003-2004 Beast in my size on Ebay, and a 2002-2003 as well but I don't want to be getting a different boot than i tried on at the bootfitters.

What are the differences between these models? Has the shell, liner, buckles, powerstrap, etc. changed over the years? What about the fit (most importantly)?
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gee...i kind of want to say, ask the bootfitter.i bet he knows.
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Well you should be going to your local ski shop. They will fit you, grind, punch, add, take away, build a footbed and overall take care of your feet. You will not get that from ebay. Also a boot bought on ebay, Especially Nordica, will not be covered by warrenty. Plus most boot shops have a bootfitting guarantee, this is something that ebay does not have. I can not stree enough how much of a pain in the ass it is to purchase boots on ebay. Suck it up and go to your local ski shop. You will be much happier in the long run.
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unionbowler, I asked him and he said he thought they were similar and probably no changes, but he wasn't sure.

Sars, I really would buy them in shop but the difference is literally from $700 in shop to $250-350 Ebay. Basically, if I don't get the boots on Ebay or on sale I don't get boots (I'm a full time student and therefore, unemployed/making $5 an hour most of the year)...

I am still planning on having any work done there and from talking to the tech it will run me under $100. If I knew of a place that sold them for like $500 I would consider it but $700 is just way too much. I'm in the NY/NJ area so shops typically don't even carry these high end models and when they do they gouge you for them.

So, if anyone knows the differences between model years and can let me know I'd appreciate it.


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This year's Beast has a different liner. The shell is basically the same. The liner in the previous two years was made with Outlast. This year they used a different material. (One of the local shops thinks last year's model is a better boot.) I have no idea how the new liner affects the fit.
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Go to REI.com. They list a price of around $500 and you can find a 15% off coupon on line for a $75 discount.
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Rio, Thanks for the info.

Lili, checked REI and saw them for 599 plus S/H but I'll look around. That may be my best deal.

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Have you looked into the Beast 12? It's less pricey and still a nice comfy boot that will likely fit your needs.
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