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polishing the edges

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I did my first tune of the season and now I have a question on polishing the edges. I use the black diamond stone followed by the blue but my red is worn to nothing so the question is, do I really need the red? The blue does seem to run smoothly so just how smooth does the edge need to be?
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For free skiing, I polish every morning with the medium stone (blue) and leave it at that.

I don't race, so I rarely bother with going to the red and getting real finicky over the edges.

Medium keeps em sharp enough and ready to go for me. I don't even use a course stone unless I've just filed out some boogs in the edges. Then I progress file to course to medium.
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Since the stones are made from industrial diamonds there is a good chance that the red is not really worn out, but just clogged up with base material. I have found that I need to clean the stones occasionally with mineral spirits or the diamonds (especially the small ones on the red stone) will become contaminated and just slide over the edges.

As for use, I think the red ones seem to be overkill unless you are a World Cup racer. I use the blue ones on a regular basis and don't feel that my edges need to be any smoother. If you want a shaper edge you can increase the bevel to less than a 90 degree angle. For ski trips I'll just take the black one and use it for temporarily taking care of any bad edge hits.
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