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fool mail orders his boots/ski rental rx

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Hi all,
I have called around to shops where I'm going to ski, decided to buy some real boots for my week a year. The shops don't seem to have my size in any of the expert models of the major brands, I've called around a bunch. In case I end up looking at rental boots again or a not-quite-it boot, I may mail order something and return it if (more likely when) it doesn't fit right.

I'm interested in the rossignol elite exp, size 28.5 (I wear 11, 28.5 fits 10.5 shoe), REI has it for $500. I liked the rossi B2 last year and had a few feet added to my semi backscratcher almost big jumps, they haul but they turn, me impressed, figure rossi has my boot if it fits. I don't have a narrow foot but have survived many years of salomon rental boots, last year rubbed my instep raw on both feet. Is the elite exp a good boot? Am I more odds-on for a good fit with a good model of one of the other brands - Atomic, Lange, Nordica, Salomon, Technica?

I'm also wondering about new skis to rent - Is rossi's Zenith last year's B2? Any others to try? I'm mostly groomed, a little trees, seek stable, fast but lively ski, not mushy.
thanks a bunch--
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I don't understand- are you saying you want to mail order boots because the shops that are located where you plan to ski (presumably not near where you live) don't have what you want? Without trying on, how do you know? I think you are doing this backwards- don't be locked into a preconcieved notion of what is the right boot. Call the shop where you plan to buy, ask to speak with their best boot person, tell them about how you ski and the shape of your foot, and have them have a number of things available for you to try on when you get there and make an appointment with the boot guy (or gal) first thing when you arrive at your destination. Then get properly fit and buy on location. The bootfitter can then modify and tweak the boot as needed during your ski trip and you will end up with boots that fit right. That fitting should be included in the cost of the boot, too. I would be surprised that a well equipped shop would have nothing that is right for you. Where are you planning to go? I bet that someone here on epic may have a recommendation of a shop and bootfitter for you.
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what dp said.

i'm not trying to attack you, but alot of your info is quite off - B2 and Zenith? completely different skis, not at all similar, B2 is still out there.

so, listen to dp. you can find a good shop. there are many very good sales people that are very knowledgeable about gear and they can answer all of your questions and get you started in the right direction.

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As another incentive to NOT do it the way you've proposed, you may have a hard time returning boots that are clearly used. I don't know what the policies are regarding this but I would imagine anything more than wearing the boots in your living room would make them yours.

Don't buy the boots through the mail/phone. The added advantage of buying in a decent shop at a resort is that you probably ski in the boot for a few days and have them make adjustments. I think a better start would be for you to let us know where you'll be skiing, and someone might be able to recommend a good boot fitter
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Thanks, I'll save my UPS money for a lift ticket. Durango CO is where I'm headed, in case anyone knows of a good boot fitter there, guess I'll start a new thread for that. I was asking about the zenith cuz rossignol's website didn't show the B2, must have missed it. Wasn't planning on skiing in the boots. Thanks--
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