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Intuitiv 74 length

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5'7", 150 lbs, level 8 skier

Will be used primarily for east coast tree-skiing, liftline type trails, and spring bumps, but would like the ability to do some gs turns in slightly bumpy spring conditions.

167 or 175?

Will the 167 be too unstable if I try to lengthen my turns in the spring snow?

All advice is much appreciated, thanks.
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int 74 length

i skied th int 74 in a 184 (5 10, 180 lbs) (2002-2004 model)

i never ran into stability troubles but did wish
it were quicker at times (trees, bumps)

for wide open, stay longer

for lots of bumps and tighter spaces, i'd go shorter
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My buddy is almost 6' and 180 lbs...he skis the 175. He rips.
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167 for your size and what you want to do with the ski.
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I think at your weight, for what you want, the 167 is a better choice. I'm 175#, and ski the 175cm length. I'm happy with that length.
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