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Atomic Boot

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Stopped at the ski shop on the way to my appt this afternoon to see if they got their Kryptons in yet and they still don't have them. They had a pair of last year's Atomic R 10? It was the model down from the white and red Race 11. I tried on a 26.5 and was surprised it fit well accept a little short in the toe box maybe. Never had a boot smaller than a 27.

Didn't shell size it becasue of time. Does this boot have the sole cant system that the Race 11 came with. Also how is a shell stretched to provide a little more toe room length wise?

I like the flex of the boot and if it had the sole cant system I would like it all the more. The heel lugs looked like they had washers embedded. Is this for sole canting?

Thanks for the comments from all of you in the know.
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Sole cants will work. Liner probably needs stretching, but the shell can be punched too. What you see as washers at the bolt heads. Heel has a cap over the bolts which needs to be unscrewed.
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I believe you can use the sole cant inserts on that boot. I have some of the cants. It consists of 2 sets of flat circular plastic washers connected by a flat piece of plastic. I believe it is 1.5 mm thick.(1.5 degrees)They simply slips over the bolts that hold the lugs on between the boot sole and the removable toe & heel lugs. You can put them inside thick or outside thick and one nice feature compared to Langes approach is you could cant one boot inside thick and one boot outside thick or vice versa,

As long as the studs that hold the toe and heel lugs are the same distance apart as the Race 11 boot they will work. I think i HAVE A COUPLE OF SETS LAYING AROUND HERE AND HAVE usedd them on my old Race 10.50 boots.

Also I have always worn a 27 boot but would buy a 26 in the Atomic shelf boots. YOu can grind or stretch the toe box of the boot but have to be careful not to let it interefer woth the operation of your toepiece,
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Thanks A Man and Beta Racer. I think I might head back tomorrow and spend some more time tinkering with these boots. I never tried an Atomic boot before , thinking my feet weren't wide enough. Downsizing the shell size appeared to take care of the volume issue. It really fit well and I thought it had a good progressive flex. These boots are heel abducted as well a la the Fischer boot. I just free ski groomers, moderate bumps, if I'm lucky some powder . I can't imagine them not being enough boot for me.

They would look good with the Metron X1 I'm skiing on. Can't have enough Atomic euipment right?
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Sorry about the typos, I can spell just ripped it off quickly!
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