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big stix 74

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I bought the fischer big stix 74, I put on marker 1200 piston control bindings. I ski on the east so far this year and it's only been hard pack and icy. Before I purchased the big stix I was a little worried because because of the 74mm waist on the ski. I thought that it wouldn't be that good on blown snow and ice which is what I tend to ski a lot. I liked that retro look and skiing mag review wasn't that bad. So I went for it. It was tough to find them. Princeton ski shop was the only one that I found that had it. The only thing is that the sales people didn't really seem to want to sell it to me or they were not that educated on the fischer line. They were pushing me more toward the rossingal bandit X. The good news was that they only charged me $449 for the ski.
Well I've been skiing 5 times so far and I was so happy that I got the big stix. I'm not sure if it's the skis or the marker binding but these skis make me feel like I can ski anthing. It didn't matter if there was ice on a run or not, I was able to take the run with confindence, and they love the speed. Last year I was skiing on the Atomic 918. When I went to Vermont I took the Atomic and I let a friend ski on them. On the third day I asked him to switch. Damm I couldn't believe I was skiing on the Atomic all last year. These fischers blow them away. The funny thing is after I gave the Atomic's back to my friend he did'nt want to ski any more.
Anyway I know that the fischer line is not a big seller in the United States but does anyone out there have these skis as well.
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fischer is making some of the best skis in the industry right now and they're consistently under the prices of the rest of the market. the big selling point? durability!

edit- oh btw, you can get the 74 for far cheaper than you did at www.telemark-pyrenees.com

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I bought last year's 74 after demoing many skis. The Fischer was lighter and stiffer than the Bandit XX (the 74 was made with the same measurements as last year's xx) and seemed to hold hard snow better; it seems to come alive under the snow when it gets deep and handles speed and busts through whatever I throw it at.

Plus, they were cheaper than the Bandit XX Not many people in the USA seem to know they exist and maybe this has to do with the cheaper price. Or, the high price of the XX had a lot to do with how popular the XX is. (I do like that ski a lot. It may be a better steep bump ski than the 74 due to the more forgiving softer flex.)

Personally, I think the bandit X (last years) is not good on hard snow. Could be my technique is for western soft snow so I suck on ice but...this year's X, the one the shop was pushing you toward, may have improved it's hard snow handling but I think the 74 is a far superior ski on hard snow.

The design and construction, according the to the PR, is very sound and durable. Not that it relates directly but I own three pair of Fischer nordic skis and I beat the hell out of two pair of the Sport Glass in the backcountry on funky trails. Even with wood showing through on the edge of the ski I could still skate or break new trail.

I bet your 74's will take a beating and still shine.
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Fischer used to wear their 2% share of the USA market almost as a badge of honor. They've finally become more aggressive in the last several years in growing their US market share.

I think Fischer is now up to about a 4% share and growing. They are much biggger in Europe and Japan and have long made top quality skis especially in the racing category and more recently have been leaders in the free skiing category. What they haven't done is spend a lot of $ endorsing top atheletes.

Fischer happened to hit pay dirt with Michael Von Gruenigan who had an outstanding season last year when he switched to Fischer after many had thought that his best days were behind him. They also took a chance on Bode Miller which is paying off and several other american racers. Aaron McGovern is the most notable endorsed athelete on their free skiing team.
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