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What do you know about Solomon Xscreams?

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I believe that this ski is the 2001-2002 model. It may be the women specific model, it's grey(silver) and has blue writing.

Last night my niece called me (she'd 4 years younger than me), she bought new skis and wanted to know if I'd be interested in her "old skis", the Xscreams. She said the were too long for her and really weren't the ski for her. They are 174cm and have S710 bindings on them. I know that she skis about 10-15 times a year max and most of that is with her 3 children ages 7-10 so I know they were not abused. For a 3 year old ski? they are in great condition. She knows that I got new skis last year (volkl 6*'s) and love them, but thought I might want to add these to my collection. She got a much shorter Solomon Scrambler Ski.

I am 5'9" (almost 3" taller than her), and I am large (no way does a woman give her weight), I know the binding is ok for me, it's the same as on my Rossi Bandit x's. Because of my weight I am usually steered toward a unisex or male model. If this is a woman specific ski should I be concerned about this?

BTW, I think she is giving them to me, I did ask what she wanted for them but she didn't say anything, kind of brushed the question off.
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No one can tell me anything? Oh well, maybe I'll get them set to my boots and try them out anyway.
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The X-Scream Series was a huge success for Salomon so they made numerous models using the X-Scream name. It is hard to know which model you are getting just by the color. The X-Scream 9 was gray and it was a decent advance intermediate mid-fat though a bit narrow in the waste by today's standards.
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X-scream was a benchmark ski 7 years ago. There are much better skis out on the market these days
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The X-Screams are total noodles. If you like your 6 stars you will probably hate them. However, there is never any thing wrong with a free pair of rock skis.
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Are They the Yellow and black x screams? If so they were the best selling ski of all time. They are still being sold but there are other new skis by salomon and Others they would be a good ski for you but might be to much like Your Bandits. It would be better off piste then the six star at the right price why not get them?
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Do they have prolink (little plastic v) above and below the binding? If they don't they might be the xscream 500 which was a rental fleet ski. I believe those are silver and white with blue lettering.
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I got them here, they are the 7 LITE model. Oh, and they DO have the prolink.
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My wife has the same pair that you describe. Xscream 7 lites in a 163. I think if you've skied the 6 stars and like them, then the 'Screams aren't going to do it for you. Really a lower level ski. My wife is by no means an aggressive skier, and they're too wimpy even for her. I just bought her a pair of Head iC Lightnings, one of Head's women specific models, and after her first run she proclaimed that she would never ski the Screams again.
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teachski, could your niece have a foot steering habit?
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Thanks guys, you have answered my questions. I guess they would be fine for skiing Pine Ridge (200 vert feet, no real terrain, beginners area) where I work, keep the volkls for the good stuff.

I think the real problem is that my niece was skiing slower with the kids and, well, I think she just wanted new skis.
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