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Going to Park City Thursday..

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Hi Everyone,

I am going to Park City and am only bringing my boots with me. Could people recommend a place to get demo's / rentals's at decent price. I looked around seems like the going rate is anywhere form 40 to 50 bucks a day. Could be right, bur if you guys could recommend a good shop with a good variety of gear that i could swap from day to day. Thanks,

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Cole sport- resort center carries Volkl Dynastar & solomon and I think head and Volant- They've got lots of 8000's, 8800's and 724s at I think still $30 a day. Reserve fatties the night before. Dumping now.
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Might be too late to catch you, but check out Aloha/Precision - parkcityskirental.com they'll typically match a cheaper rate and have a bunch of new demo quality rentals.
Although you could just pick up some 2x4s because you really don't need anything too fancy with all the snow we're getting right now!
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