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Hello all! Just getting back into this groove after taking a break. I have the opportunity to acquire a used pair of Salomon EXP Lite's pr 4 with Salomon 757 demo bindings. I'd say I'm more advanced beginner/early intermediate skier, and want to get out of the renting cycle but can't afford new stuff. Can anyone help with an opinion???? Many thanks
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no...bad bad bad bad bad bad bad
the Salomon 757 bindings are no longer indemnified (not sure about the rentals..but the retail ones are). And a S)(T load of them are failing visual inspection, even though we can't test em. Had 4 pairs come in today for tunes...all of them had hairline fractures forming on the heel piece. Basically, if you get them, you're SOL cause no one will service he bindings.

I know it's expensive getting new stuff, but personally, i would save money up this season and summer, and buy a new pair next season [img]smile.gif[/img] or better yet...work at a shop next season =) There's always someplace willing to take new people into their crew [img]smile.gif[/img]

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