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Hi, all. This is my first post here. I've lurked around for a while and have enjoyed the reading and learning!

Can y'all help me a bit?

I am looking for a ski that will let me learn to carve turns on the groomed stuff and packed powder. I don't mind having to work at it; indeed, I'd rather the ski not do all the work for me. But I also don't care to be constantly dumped with every error in technique.

I say "learn to carve" because my history is on (old) Rossi S3's. And I stem-christied them all over the place! The last three or four ski trips I rented--basically--beginner skis. I'd still like to skid when "necessary" but I do want to shape up my turns and ski more efficiently.

Having said that, I'd also like to be able to go off in some powder now and then. In January I am coming to Colorado (Breck) and will spend a day at Vail. I'd love to spend part of that day in the China Bowl where, according to my ski map of Vail, there are several blue runs. A ski to let me enjoy that would be great!

I don't get to ski nearly as much as I'd like--only a few days a year on average. Thus, while demo-ing skis would be fine, I really don't care to be running back and forth to the ski shop to swap out skis. If I'm going to demo, I'd like to get it narrowed down as much as possible.

Any ideas on the best place to demo skis in Breck?

Lastly, my present short list includes the
  • Volkl 724 EXT (or EXS)
  • Rossi Bandit (I read it may be too soft for my 185lb. weight); maybe the B1?
  • Dynastar Legend 4800
  • K2 Omni 5.5
Any specific comments on those, or additions, are most appreciated.

Height = 6'2"
Ski level: 6
Boot: Tecnica Entryx 7 (but that may change; they're painful! Looking at Nordica Beast 12's)