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Might need to buy new skis - help build demo list

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Hopefully your responses do more to confirm/shorten my list.

Here is the background on me and my skiing:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: ~180lbs (175-185 depending on midweek exercising and how much I consume at happy hour the day before)
Ability: level 8-9 - pretty strong technically as well as physically
Skiing: 40-50 days/year at Killington. 50% bumps 50% steeps/groomed carving; I mix up my turns (short, medium, and long radius) and my style (old school knees-together vs new school race techniques).
Current Ski: Atomic Beta Race 9.20 (yes, it's a but unforgiving in the bumps) 180 cm

I'm very happy with my current skis (may have blown an edge and if it can't be repaired to 100% that is why I would be replacing them), though looking back I may have been better off with something more all-mountain.

Here is my current list to demo (all last years models):
-Atomic GS9 (the same dimensions as my current skis with slightly tamer construction I believe) - I figure this represents a known quantity for me and would ski almost the same as what I'm on now thus requiring little or no adjustment on my part.

-Atomic R11 - More of an all mountain ski than my current boards while still being a strong ski for carving on firm-icy slopes.
-Atomic R9 - Simmilar to the R11, but wider underfoot, with less sidecut

-Rossi B1 - Simmilar dimensions to the R11. supposed to be better in the bumps and at carving than the B2 which I have skied and liked a lot.
-Rossi B2 - A bit wider than the others, but I have demoed this ski in bumps and firm snow and liked it a lot.

-Salomon Hot - Simmilar dimensions to the B2's which I liked a lot.

These are all available for demo/purchase near the mountain and available for decent deals. I would lean towards the Atomics since I could move my bindings over (which are dialed in just right for me now) and reduce the expense by $150-200. Let me know if there's anything out there that would be a much better choice for me to look at.

Of the skis I have listed, which 3 would you suggest I demo?

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It seems you like the Atomic. Try getting out of the hostage plates for bindings and get into something different. Atomic makes some nice skis but I would try out the K2 Apache Hellfire.

I would second your thoughts on the B2.

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The R11 is a much beefier ski than the R9 as opposed to your comment that they are much the same but different widths. If you want to stay in a little mellower range and forgiving in the bumps you might check out the R10.

You also might want to look at the Metron9 or SX!! or SX9. The SX11 would again be taking the performance up a notch and demand a bit more from you. There are some stupid good deals available on them though so that may enter into it.
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Thanks, I was thinking the R11 might be a good option since I'm used to a fairly stiff ski and wasn't sure if the R9 might be a bit soft for me. Haven't seen the R10, but that sounds like it might be a good compromise to look into.

I'm not really interested in the Metrons as they look to have extreme sidecuts and very wide shovels/tails that would make them no fun in the bumps (easy to overlap the tip/tail) and they probably wouldn't lend themselves to oldschool (feet together) style.
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Might want to look into the Atomic SX:11 and SL:9 in a longer length. Head i.XRC 1100 SW might suit you well too.
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I agree w/ L7. The R9 is a real fun ski for pow and bumps, but does not hold up as well at speeds and steeps as the R11. Two totally different skis IMO (stiffness wise), but both real fun at, well, almost 2 different things. The R10 is a nice mix of the two.
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I haven't skied the atomic R11 this year but have in the past. I think you would like it alot in the 180 cm length, coming off that 9.20. Personally, I would be on something wider though.
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Thanks for the info, I'm definitely adding the R10 to the list. How is the edge-to-edge quickness for these wider skis (my current skis are 62mm under foot and before that I was on straight skis)? Short tight fall-line turns on eastern ice will be an important factor.
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