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Crazy soccer mom picks fight at resort...

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So we are at snowy range this weekend, and two active duty military girls that were with us noticed this mom absolutely screaming at the guy who runs the bunny ramp (like a ski escelator for the short slope) The girls tell the lady she needs to calm down and complain to the resort if she has a complaint as the issue at hand was out of the ramp jockeys control. She walks over to my friend, screams at her telling her to mind her own damn business and then PUSHES my friend on the ground and starts hitting her. This is a middle aged woman doing this in front of her kids. Her kids are crying telling the mom to stop. My other friend subdues the mom and the jockey calls for ski patrol/management. The friends decline to press charges when asked if that was their intention(they just wanted to get back to skiing) ( I would have pressed criminal charges just to prove a point) and they ended up getting free lift tickets. The husband also walked over and said some choice words to the two girls who did absolutely nothing wrong except being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How can some parents be so absolutely out of friggin control? This is supposed to be fun...picking and losing a fight in front of your kids just makes you look like an ASS.
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Personally, I wouldn't have pressed charges....UNTIL the husband came over, which I assume was after the girls denied charges. I'm against the "sue-happy" society, but if your cracked-out wife already got let off and then you come back and antagonize the vicitm, that would have put me over the edge. Pressing charges to prove at point after all of that definitely does not seem over the top.

Thumbs up to the girls for keeping their cool.
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A 'soccer Mom'? You may be antagonizing the national coalition for soccer mom discrimination. I had to laugh when the tenuous demographic got exposure for it's importance in your last election.

Our soccer Moms up here are much more civilized. Now the hockey moms....... that's another story.
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Snowy Range???

What is a "snowy range"?
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Originally Posted by Lorian
What is a "snowy range"?
Snowy Range

Base Elevation: 9,000 ft (2,743 m)
Summit Elevation: 9,990 ft (3,045 m)
Vertical Drop: 990 ft (302 m)
Skiable Area: 250 acres (101 hectares)
Annual Snowfall: 250 in (635 cm)
Snowmaking: 75 %
Number of Lifts: 5
Uphill Lift Capacity: 3,000 per hour
Types of Lifts: 1 Carpet
3 Double Chairs
1 Triple Chairs
Number of Trails: 27
Longest Run: 9,804 ft (2,988 m)
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Hocky Moms! lookout!
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Sure she wasn't a basketball mom?
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