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Cheap wax in bulk

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I'm looking for cheap everyday wax in a bulk package to save $. This is for recreational use, no racing, primarily in Tahoe -- so weather conditions are usually 25-35 degrees Fahrenheit, and Sierra snow (sometimes powder, more often heavy crud / groomed out hardpack).

Artech has some interesting packages: each of the following is $20 for 1000g:

Toko "cold" wax:
http://www.artechski.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=A&Product_Code= 892&Category_Code=

Toko "warm" wax:
http://www.artechski.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=A&Product_Code= 893&Category_Code=

Toko "universal all temp" wax:
http://www.artechski.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=A&Product_Code= 839&Category_Code=

I'm thinking of either the "warm" or "universal all temp" wax. Comments ? Other suggestions ?

Thanks !
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I seem to remember from last week . . .

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Thanks -

(I did a search on "bulk wax" and "cheap wax" but didn't find that thread...)

I ordered the Toko "universal temp" wax from Artech -- I think it'll work for most temps I ski.
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I just ordered a bunch of wax from Artech and got the 1000g of Toko warm for cleaning and hot waxing.

Tell us how the Toko Universal works for you.

I got Dominator wax for my all temp.
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Swix "snowboard" wax is what i use for base prep and warmer temps, $10/160 grams and seems to work just fine from what I can tell after about 2 weeks of use. I'd like to know where to find some of the big bricks that rental shops/ski shops use.
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Reliable racing supply is a good source: http://www.reliableracing.com/winter...alog/index.cfm
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Comprex, Thanks for the tip on the $4/lb Ski Wax! Just got a shipment in the mail and I'm very happy. The imperfections they describe are hardly noticeable(less than if you rolled the bar of wax across a dark carpet.) My sister bought me some of this wax 15 years ago for about $23/lb. at REI as a present for X-mas.
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