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Deer Valley Report

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Saturday was opening day- I wasn't going to post but after reading the Killington report I couldn't resist (as an x-Killington skier).
The mountain's about half open- as is Park City and very well groomed as always- groomers are in mid-winter condition and perfect for polishing turns and remembering how to do this sticks on snow deal.
Saturday was cold early but warmed up in the afternoon to sweater weather- lots of bare heads and stashed jackets- the snow stayed good throughout.
I spent most of the day on the bunny hill with my two year old while my wife ran tiny gates with our six-year old in a power wedge. It was uncrowded and a great day. It looks good out there today too but I can't really tell because the peaks are socked in and it's snowing hard. :
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It looks good out there today too but I can't really tell because the peaks are socked in and it's snowing hard. :[/quote]
Sr. Crab, you have made my day! We arrive on 12/27, and it seems, from all the forecasts I can get my PC to find, THERE WILL BE LOTSA SNOW!

Anyhow, thank you for this informative post.

May I bother you with a few questions about PC and other areas?
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Ask away. We have a blizzard. I've got five inches on the deck and it's snowing an inch or two an hour. People went home early from work. Roads are a mess, cars in ditches.
Going out tomorrow but the wife wants to go too. She'll slow me down but if I don't take her, I'll sleep outside tonight. I guess that's why I got her those Phat Luvs for Christmas.
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You asked for it....! Tks for quick reply.

Tell your wife to meet you at top/bottom of lift, and get in 3-4 more runs per hour, like I TRY to do....

In Park City, walking distance to main drag and nearby areas, can you suggest CHEAP but nice lodgings for 6-7 nights, Jan. 2 on? Lowest quotes I've received: Chateau Apres Lodge, Carriage House, Shadow Ridge Resort, Treasure Mountain Inn, Park Avenue. 2 adults and our 5 yr. old. We could stay down in SLC and drive up every day, but Park City is a nice ski town after all...

I like to walk all over wherever we stay at 5AM, about 2 hours for warm-up, and just for the fun-of-it.

Any Rental Store that will offer a season rate for 3 of us, for 15 days? I did this back in 2000 downtown Salt Lake.

Best Pancakes in PC? Best REAL West BBQ in PC?

Best VALUE Restaurant or Cafe or Buffet in PC?

All for now (yes, I may bother you with more questions)!

Gracias and all the best!
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If you like a really good salad bar and steak, try The Grub Steak. It's on Sidewinder, off of Kearns. BEST IN TOWN!!! For fish n chips and burgers, you can't beat the Wasatch Brew Pub on Main. For desert, walk to The Cow and eat ice cream while watching a cool ski movie on the tube.
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Without doing too much research
Treasure mountain in is at the top of main street and has nice rooms from what I 've seen- it's large, brick and spacious and close to everything- you need to bus to the resort center (ten minutes) or take the main street bus down to the town lift (the trolly burned up last summer) Treasure mountain is at the top of main, the lift down the hill at the bottom- too far to walk in boots- rent a locker at the resort center and stash everyone's shoes. It's ugly on the outside but nice inside. Also, Morning Ray Cafe (best pancakes) is on premisis. All restaurants right outside.
Chateau Apris is lovely, old and drafty, those 60's ski posters are not reproductions. The round Swiss fireplace in the lobby is fab. Favorite of College ski clubs and scout troops. Not a place for wife. Was my favorite dirt bag crash. Maybe it's been redone, but I've seen no dumpster outside so I don't think so. Close to slopes, not real close to town(But nothings really too far to walk- with kids, on Main Street is best)
Don't know the others.

Restaurants- Taste of Saigon is not expensive and hard to find so you can always get a table. Look it up.
El Chebasco is the best and probably only real Mexican in town and cheap- but it's in the Prospector side of town so it's a long walk but nice. You can take the bus.
There's three or four decent Chinese places- try Wabo House at the Resort Center.
Ribs? Cant help- Texas Red's closed now called Bandit's but I've not eaten there.
The Sushi places are great -fish flown in daily from San Fran- but $.

Best bet with Nino's is always a kitchenette!
Tip; If you're stuck on the bunny hill with a pre-schooler, the bunny only lift ticket at Deer Vally is $20 all day. It's called "Wide West Only". Of course, little kids ski free at P.C. but that doesn't help if Daddy pays full price to ride Three Kings lift all day.

Rentals- try Utah Ski and Golf, Pc or SLC location. Call first.

Utah 49 and Lodro can probably add to this list but they're out there somewhere in this snowstorm.
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Sr. Crab, GRACIAS! And Canyons, GRUB is now on my list per your rave! Hope you got some runs in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Treasure Mountain Inn, can we walk, in shoes, to the Town Lift (300 yds. or less)?

Chateau does have a nice location, and Wifey not too picky as long as it's clean and safe. Is it more than 300 yards to Main Street bottom?

The Chinese places (at least one of them) will have my patronage, as well as El Chubasco.

No Bunny slope for my kid; he carves, unknowingly, and is a damn fast skier for a not-yet 6 yr. old. Wifey lags behind him already...

On 1/1 and 1/2 (sat/sun), are Alta and Snowbird to be avoided at all costs? I expect they'll both be quieter on 1/1 after the New Years' parties?

On 1/2, which is slower, PCMR or Canyons? We're going to leave the weekend of 1/8,9 for Deer Valley, hoping their sales limits do the trick.

Last one... Snowbasin, with adequate snow coverage, are the Intermediate, GROOMED, Steep runs (my choice) as long and great as many have attested to? Is it worth 2-3 days, driving from downtown or the airport in SLC?

Adios for now Amigo!
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Treasure Mountain Inn is at the top[ of main St Town lift is at the opposit end I would say about a 3/4 mile walk. also try woodside in bed and Breakfast 435 649 3494 Nice place nice people run it can walk to resort and take bus into town as for eats seems that Mr crab covered it pretty good. a dive but good burgers and pizza is Davanzas on Park Ave another locals spot is the stwe pot on deer Valley Dr. Good soups stews and nightly dinner specials very small cozy place.
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Need to take a bus from Treasure Mountain to lifts- but they run constantly- Walk down to the lift in the morning past all the shops and stuff and ride back at night. 1/1 morning uncrowded anywhere. Hell, Alta has been pretty uncrowded all the time the last few years- otherwise I wouldn't talk it up so much.You will still trip all over rabid SLC locals on a Powder Saterday. Go to Solitude.
I just figured out where Shadow Ridge is- Looks great, will have a kitchen and is across the street from the resort center and Payday lift. You like to walk and Main street is close enough. That would be a good pick. Chateau Apri is funky-cool, but no kitchens and drafty.
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Getting back to the topic- it's really dumping out here. Mrs.Crab and I skied DV with 9" of pow this morning- it was a little heavy, 'cause it's warm but it was stellar. Pretty much locals only braved the fog and wind. Visibility at times was only a few feet ranging to 100 yards or so near the summit of Bald Mountain. But the trees you can always see. Nothing else hurts if you hit it. The wind was strong at the top and about 10:00 am it started snowing again in ernest, blowing horizontally. Once you got down off the top and between the trees it was still and clear. As we skied our older tracks started to fill. I could pick a line going down and inspect my tracks from the lift going up. Wife got lots of hoots and cheers from other tele skiers- she was tentitive in the pow at first and they were egging her on. coming down off the top, even the groomers were creamy and soft- real packed powder. There were very few skiers there but the staff was bustling around getting ready for the season that will start in earnest soon. Flocks of instructors in sharp green uniforms practicing whatever it is they do, and young cooks with accents from all over the world fussing over lunch. DV is a class act, any way you cut it.

It's now twelve hours later and it's not stopped snowing. If anything it's gotten heavier- I see it coming down in sheets under the streetlight up the road. Tomorrow everyone's taking the morning off...
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Thank kids! Sr. Crab, you are salivating!!!! As am I just envisioning what you described. Less than 3 weeks and I'll be there!

Can you answer my queries on Snowbasin?

Utah 49, good advice on the "dive" and Soup place, especially for snowy weather like you now have.

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Sometimes the mind goes blank I forgot all about the great location of Shadow Ridge. So I'll 2nd it as a good choice. Someday I want to buy Chateau Apris It Has such a good location and is in need of a face lift. It could make a great B&B pluse have a dorm for the real budget skiers. Now how can i come up with the million plus to buy it?
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Tks Utah49. Is Chateau Apres a real dump COMPARED to Shadow Ridge? They're much cheaper, but then again, no Pool, no Hot Tub? Rooms too shabby?

Prospector Square Condos, your thoughts?

We want to stay in Park City to just hang and ski without driving, but then again, Salt Lake is only 30 minutes?

I know it's impossible to predict 100%, but what if we wait 'till we're in SLC (12/28), and check them out during the days until 1/3 (our check-out from downtown), then choose what;s best; what are the chances of these places being full 1/3-9?

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Dude; I stayed at The Apris 12 years ago for ten days at $40 a night.The room was cold, the carpet old, the bed squeaky- and the halls full of teenagers in their longjohns. But the fireplace in the lobby was fantastic and the coffeeshop perfect. I'm not sure the coffeeshop is still there. So, unless it's changed that's it. Anyplace with a kitchen is a savings when you factor in meals. Shadow ridge is my call- ask for a high floor facing the mountain and yuo'll get a nice view- I think they have WBFP's too. Don't wait till you get here.

Little Cottonwood was closed this morning, so Utah 49 got to ski PC powder and I, looking for higher and drier, got skunked. there, I said it.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Crab
Little Cottonwood was closed this morning, so Utah 49 got to ski PC powder and I, looking for higher and drier, got skunked. there, I said it.
Don't cry too hard! Maybe things were better at PCMR, but based on my experience at Deer Valley and the fact that the Canyons was mostly shut down due to avy danger I think it is safe to say that the snow today was not exactly the stuff legends are made of Maybe, as Utah49 pointed out, mid season thighs would have helped some - but 10% less water content and 10 degrees cooler would have helped more. At least at DV, it started OK first thing in the AM, but where I was skiing, it degraded pretty fast. If I knew the area better, I might have known where to find some better goods. However nothing I hit today compared to the snow at the Canyons on Tues and Wed.

The snow from Tues & Wed was nice dry powder & it got covered by much heavier/wetter stuff today - and temps moved well into the 30's. I don't think 20 minutes went by the whole day without charges going off somewhere within hearing distance.
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Mr. Crab, you and Utah49 should join forces and buy Apres; I'm a former Hotelman, so I'll run the place on snowy days (for you powderlovers), and ski on sunny days....

The Yarrow vs. Shadow Ridge, thoughts?

Also, which supermarket for best Salads take-home?

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My husband skied yesterday afternoon at DV -- he'll be glad to know that even you locals thought it was heavy snow. He was at some conference at the Stein Eriksen lodge, and was able to get away for the pm to ski. He called me at 2:30 and said he was exhausted already! We don't get too much heavy snow in CO, so that was a first for him.
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Yeah, it's always pretty gloppy here so we only ski atomics.

Chateau Apris is worth saving and preserving, that's for sure.

Yarrow's great, has kithenette. Condo's better, imho.
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Man....this thread made me really miss living in Park City. Cheers to you guys who are still up there...

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Hey all.
It's me formerly known as TR@DV now known as Tahoetr ( wife got transferred there)
Anyways reading the post about DV and PC making me chomp at the bit.
Hoping to make it for a visit in Feb. Mean while, drivingmy ruck all over the country seeing the sights, and making a decent living.
Really haven't had a chance to get any runs in yet,been to busy criss crossing the country, hauling produce and ice cream.
If you see me in a blue semi #6103 give a wave
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Nice to hear from you TR So, No longer supervising putting peoples butts into lift chairs? I'm going to miss saying hi when i ski at DV
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Hey Utah,
I haven't been bumpin chairs , now for 2 years. Miss the friends i made, miss the option of skiing every day, but had to get a real job, if there is such a thing. Now have logged over 200,000 miles acciedent free.
Looking like some time in Feb the other half and i will be in PC. And i won't have to wear green W'e have to try and hook up.
Get some runs in for me. Saw on DV website they had Reward groomed, damn it! haha
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I was just in Park City this weekend; man was it great! The town is fantastic and it really is such a great ski town. We only got to ski PCMR out of the 3 PC resorts and thankfully we did it before Alta and Snowbird. Alta and Snowbird blew PCMR away in every single category! It was worth the drive and the tickets are much cheaper let alone not nearly as many lines. I hope the next time I am out there that Deer Valley and the Canyons can at least hold something to any of the 4 resorts in Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. Park City-the town- is absolutely a blast though! Man I miss it already
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Deer Valley can have untracked powder, 3-4 days after the Cottonwood Canyons have been tracked out.
Get to know a patroler, or liftie, and always ask the Mt. Hosts, where the untracked snow can be found.(hint) in the trees between Sultan and Mayflower lifts) you didn't hear it from me
Most of DV guest stay on the groomed runs, which is no problem, that leaves the freashies for the locals, and a very few want something differant.
Can't speak for the Canyons.
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