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Older Salomon BIndings

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I bought a pair of used ti Chubbs which I'm psyched about but the bindings are Salomon Equipe 997's which look somewhat like the newer Salomons but are clearly from an earlier vintage. Does anybody know about when that model dates from and if shops would still do size and DIN adjustments on those. Also thay aren't the first bindings to be mounted on the Chubbs. If I got some newer ones, would it compromise the skis to drill a third set of holes? Anybody know about the Salomon SP 900 Equipe? I saw some at a good price on ebay.
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997E's should be fine by todays standards. The Pro-pulse Equipes are a good binding but awefully heavy, if you want Pro-pulses, I would suggest looking for the Aliums, a 4-12 din but a much lighter binding.
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997's..mid 90's.Still on the indemnified list.
Uses the same mounting holes as pretty much ALL Salomons from about 89/90 to..I think right up to 02/03.(The mounting holes changed VERY slightly in 88/9 at the end of the 747 era.They look VERY close but are NOT compatible..NOR can you mount later Salomons where these '47 er(4,5,6,7)have been..unless you go either forward or backwards..of centre about 3/4").
LOTS of beef in these h.d Solly's..durable..AND YES! LOTS!! of weight.Lots of anti-shock, not known for pre-releases..or other problems..try and stay away from..I forget now..the later..maybe 900's? (without the plastic a/f plate..)the ones that use the spring thinggy..they are pretty notorious for flying apart..and then ya gotta go looking for them..or usually other bindings to scab them off.
If you've got a size 10 or larger boot(foot size)..you shouldn't have to do a remount.What with variances in boot sole length..MOST installers mount these for a boot sole length in accordance with about a size 10(or larger) boot.(The sole length's escape me now.)Trust me..I have a size 9,9 1/2 foot/boot..and I have been offerred to use..and have bought enough skiis with that series binding mounted..and they are almost ALWAYS too short(the boot soles) for the bindings..GRRRRR..this neccesitates a remount..(HEHEHAHA..yes I keep my jig handy)..or..I slap a demo mount on(rear)..and simply use the heelpieces in the demo mount.Yes SOME of the demo mounts use the same mount(and the same heelpieces..only difference is the track)..and the heelpieces can simply be slid out of and replaced in different tracks.

Hope this helps ya out!

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The Salomon 900s are good bindings with a better toe than the 997s. The 997s should be okay as long as they are in good shape. I would have the 997s checked out by a shop with the Vermont testing equipment and if they test out okay I'd go with them.

The 900 Pro-Pulse bindings Phil mentioned are a much maligned binding because of their weight and the fact that most shop personnel didn't know how to set them up. If the Pro-Pulse connector between the toe and heel is not set at the proper tension the binding would be hard to step into and it could cause premature releasing of the heel. With fewer and fewer shop personnel being familiar with the Pro-Pulse your chances of getting them mounted and set correctly are less. I had to readjust the last two pair of Pro-Pulse bindings I had mounted.
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