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need help w/ my boots

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hey everyone,
i currently ski lange l10s. the race fits. they're a size 10, that's as short as i can go without having to curl up my toes like in my climbing shoes.
i have really narrow feet with a low instep and skinny calves. i have custom footbeds that are thicker below the heel to reduce the volume in the boot. performance wise these boots are the best ones i've ever had. but they're still to wide. i move around in the boot when i'm skiing heavy slush or harder crud.
so here's my question: i've done a search and it seems like plug boots are the narrowest boots. do i need plugs? if so, are there any that have a similar flex as the l10s? or are there ways to reduce volume in my current boots?
thanks for your help!
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You do sound like a good candidate for a plug boot... and you can get them in a variety of flexes. I would recommend the Lange or Rossi plugs. The L10 falls sort of inbetween their ZB and ZC (Soft & Medium) flexes. However, because of your foot size you're only going to be able to get ZC/ZC (Cuff & Lower). You can take the bolts out of the back to soften them up a bit and they should work fine. No matter how low volume your foot is you're probably going to need work done to get them to fit comfortably. I see you're in Germany and I don't know any bootfitters over there, but ask around and you should be able to find someone reputable and experienced.
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what about the new Dalbello Krypton (look at Phil Pugliese's thread on these)? Also might try the Nordica Doberman XS.
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thanks! i was wondering already if we do have any bootfitters around here. i'll have to check. also, i'll have to find out where to get plug boots. i've never seen any in the stores, so i'll just have to ask some racers how and where they get theirs.
skiguy: what do you mean with zc/zc (cuff and lower)? it's not a monoshell but a cuff and lower part just like production ski boots?
thanks again
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Hi Powderpunk,
if you´re in command of German, try - interaktiv - forum - skischuhe

You might ask about bootfotters in your area in English as well like some time ago mirothehero did.

The Lange plugs should do well. The zc is fairly low volume with plenty of plastic to be removed to accomodate your foot.

Which model L10 do you have? Just L10 (one screw in the rear spoiler) or L10 Race (two)? How old are they? I suspect the older ones to be a bit stiffer than the last bunch directly preceding the current Pininfarina models.

I just left my 4?-years- old L10 and stepped into the plug boot ZC. In fact, they are SOFTER in the forward flex than the old L10.
After the first week on snow I´m also happy they are the best-fitting boots I ever had and better in all respects but the tongue.

There´s an excellent bootfitter at the Austrian-German border under the Zugspitze who fits boots for lots of Worldcup racers (not only, of course).

You can meet me on (ivan)
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thanks a lot. exactly the info i was looking for. the bootfitter you meant is leitner in bichlbach. perfect. i usually drive through bichlbach on the way to the pitz- and kaunertal. i found the address on
right now i'm in the newest l10s with just one screw in the back. before that i had way older ones, but they were the bucket like acd fit.
well, thanks again. now i'll have to find out how much plugs will cost me and then scrape some money together...
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