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Most embarrasing Ski moment..

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OK, taking a lead off of Phil's post (at my expense) anyone care to share a good story at their own expense, Come on' it's 38 and raining here in Jersey, I need a good laugh!

Another one at my expense. I was new at skiing and learing to get off the chair, I was skiing with Client's. As I got off the chair, I pole planted over the client's ski sent him flying and he took out the other Client who got stuck on the chair in mid air!
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Racing in a super-G I came over a blind rise to find a crow standing in my line ... The bird started to fly away but I was going too fast and ended up hitting him - feathers flew everywhere. Given the speed I was going and the slight hesitation I missed the next gate.

Got heckeled and decided that killing a crow while skiing has to be bad ju-ju so I quit for the day without petitoning for a re-run.
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I went to the State Championships--packed the night before--set my boots out by the door so they would be warm in the AM----Arrived at the Area----FORGOT my BOOTS-----Larry C
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While heli-sking in Canada with a bunch of my buddies, and cruising about a foot and a half of powder, we came around a small patch of trees and spooked about a dozen cariboo just below treeline. While watching them lope through the deep snow in amazement I plowed right into a pile of rather fresh cariboo crap. Needless to say, everybody but me thought it was pretty funny.

No, that's not where my name comes from.
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This would have been embarrassing if I wasn't in so much pain...

In the spring of '98, during the first hour of the first morning of my first visit to Telluride, at the top of a lift...getting off, somehow my left tail got hooked up with the ski of the skier to my left on the chair. As we skied off the ramp, I went right and he went left. So did the tail of my left ski.otating my leg. I went down in a blinding (literally) flash of white pain. There went my ACL...
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I was patrolling one day with all of my ski patrol gear on, so I'm real conspicuous. I found a patch of nice, steep new that led down from one run to another. It was in full view of a popular intermediate lift which was filled with skiers. I dropped into the steep shot, made a series of magnificent turns with snow flying and was feeling quite full of myself and very aware that all eyes must be on me as I dazzled the masses. I got to the bottom which was a fairly flat, groomed run and as I turned onto it with visions of myself featured by Warren Miller I caught an edge and ate it big time. Total yard sale. The audience on the chair had fun with that. I still cringe when I think about it and it was probably about 1975. Another lesson in humility.
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