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Atomic ST and LT

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Hi everybody,
do you know or have you heard about the Atomics ST and LT?
The only link I have is:

Could they be some models for the Asian market or some 2005/2006 pre-launch?
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This does not answer your question, but in case it helps, the link you posted says:

The ST / LT series is a new development of the old ARC series. When I put it on, the first impression was it is extremely light, the swing weight is more concentrated than the SL 9. The base seems to be the SL 9 base, but in contrast to the Power Magnesium Channel construction of the SL 9 the ST 11 has Power Magnesium Rod construction. That makes the instant bounce of the SL 9 milder putting the priority of the design on maintaining contact with the ski surface. The most noticeable thing is the light handling... etc.
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Thank you, Nogs, for the translation!
Yes, it is evident that the STs are detuned versions of SL:9 (minus rods, minus hypercarbon).
What´s embarassing: the SL:9 has - at least according to the official Atomic catalog - Power Rods, not Channels.
The consequences of such a lighter construction seem to be logical.
One more problem: "the old ARC series" were the race skis back in the 90´s before the Betas came.
(I had the last GS called ARC 24 which was, together with the SL ARC 18, the ski Lasse Kjus had the season he won the overall worldcup in 1996.)
The retail models were no Betas but sandwich with some sort of cosmetic cap. These new STs and TLs have all Betas.
Okay, there´s no life depending on it. The question appeared on a german website and I decided to try to aks here before I contact the Atomic people at Altenmarkt/Austria.
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One more point, Nogs:
I envy you your command of Japanese since you can read those phantastic ski magazins of yours.
A friend of a friend of mine once (1995 or 1996) brought some. The gear reviews - an independent part with maybe 300 or even more pages - were and are unparaleled anywhere in the world.
The love for the detailed description is overwhelming.
There´s a thread somewhere here on the best ski magazine.
In the above mentioned aspect, the Japanese title(s) are no doubt Nr. 1
(I hope they still appear after the years of the ski crises over there...)
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Interesting, Checkracer. I am just in Japan this year after sixteen years away and I never thought to look at the Japanese ski mags. I'll give them a try.
Actually I saw some STs in a shop and was wondering what they were, also the little "m" that lurks on the SL 9s.
By the way, I'd be interested to know what the "ski crises" were.
At present the warmth and lack of snow here is a bit of a crisis for me...
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A quotation from another today´s thread:
"They also seem to have released a lot of different race type model skis, most recently being the St and LT skis in the Japanese market."
The crisis came in the mid 90s and 1.5 million pairs of straight skis were left unsold in Japan. The biggest market of a single country went down from 1.5 million pairs to even a third.
One of the consequences was probably the Tokyo Ski Dome closed down.
That´s why I´m not sure the marvellous ski magazines survived.
I wish you they did.
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LT is for light. The Womens' versions are LT for the higher end, and ST for the lower end. The skis which Michele Dorfmeister is using has the Blue LT colours.
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