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Bennington P.D. using laser

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Just made my first run up to VT this year, and ran into a few surprises. The first one was good. The new Rt. 279 bypass cuts at least 15 minutes off of my drive to the mountain. The next one is not so good. The Bennington P.D. is now equipped with laser equipment, so you have to keep your guard up. They were set up on Rt. 7 N, just outside of town (near the crest of the hill, before the lanes converge for on-coming traffic). I picked up the signal when they zapped the car about 200 yds. ahead of me. Approx. 3 seconds later (and about 12mph slower) they zapped me. I'm not sure if they are just testing it, or if they are fully operational. State Police still seem to be using Ka-band radar in "pop" mode, or just tagging along behind to match speedometer.

Please drive safely & according to conditions. Just watch out for the laser man.
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Staties on 91 have laser now too. Gotta have a blocker if you wanna go fast...
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my thoughts follow the line of .....which are the best detector/blockers?
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How fast is fast?

I have to knock on wood here, but I've lost track of how many times (on 89, Boston to Sugarbush) I've snoozed and passed a statie in the median doing 80 - 85. Always when the road was dry and clear - but never stopped. My thoughts are that VT is much more lenient than NH. Anyone else have that experience?
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I have the Valentine 1 detector. I believe blockers/jammers are illegal in every state, however.

As for VT being lenient on speeders....I wouldn't count on it. Friday evenings & Sunday afternoon/evenings seem to be favorite times for speed traps on the main routes to/from the ski areas. Out of state plates will not help either.
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