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I want a "Ski Caddy"

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Soneone to follow behind me with a rack of skis, so as the terrain or conditions change, I can get a different pair of skis. Come up to some bumps..gimme the bumps skis. Hit an open groomer, some carvers. A chute into the trees? some short fatties. You get the idea.

I am a simple man, with simple needs.
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I hate trying to figure out how much to tip someone in that situation. And then they always seem to want to tune your equipment. That can be embarrassing if you treat your equipment like I do. I was never comfortable with a caddy. Now if they could come up with a suitable cart...
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Better: an electric ski cart.
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Yea, they need ski segways. They have a mini tread and a ski plank on the front to stear. Wow, what a stupid idea. Forget that.
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Video of Ski Caddy in Action

Here are a few videos from Ski Big 3 in Banff. I'm sure you'll enjoy both the ski caddy and the new "grip skis":

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I think we need to wait for RoboSki to be invented and mass-produced.
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I'll carry your skis if I get first dibs on the groupies.
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