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all mountain ski

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I am looking for an all mountain ski (colorado) for this season, i am most likely around a level 8 skiier, and love to ski bumps, cruse a fair amount, and some off piste/ powder when the conditions are right. Currently, i have things narrowed down to the volkl 5 star's, and the atomic metron m:11's. If anybody has any advice between these two, or even has an altrenate idea, your input would be appreciated

Alex Pesch
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völkl explosiv.

no, really. both are great skis. which felt better? the 5* is a great, truly integrated ski/binding that really skis like it. does very well, considering what it is, in soft snow conditions.

the atomic is a proven tool. it does not offer quite the same level of integration, but still requires a hostage binding. this ski is a little more carve-oriented in the sense that it does not jump around as much as the 5*, so if you like to leave your skis on the snow and just arc, this is a good bet. prob. slightly less manueverable in tight situations.

if you've skied them, what felt better? that's what you should get.
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