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Actually, I think it all gels perfectly including your suggestion, which is correct providing of course that the equipment is functioning correctly.

FWIW, I've been skiing similar terrain for ~20 years on other bindings @ DIN 6.0 and experienced very few inadvertent releases. The shop set these @ 5.5, which is the recommended value for a Type III skier of my height, weight and age (now that I'm well over 50yo).

I had them checked today and everything is adjusted and functioning correctly. Boot sole length is correct and actual measured release forces are within the range they should be @ 5.5.

This supports your recommendation, which is also what the shop tech suggested. When planning to ski serious terrain I'll move them up to 6.0 or even 6.5. This is the equivalent of categorizing myself as a Type III+, which seems appropriate for those circumstances. The risk from a ski coming off (which I just lived through four instances of) is much higher than the risk from one staying on. I'm unlikely to experience a slow, twisting fall in a 40 degree chute, whereas the chance if a serious fall/slide if I lose a ski is virtually 100% - trust me!

P. S. As a featherweight, 58yo gay guy, TGR macho wouldn't be my shtick, lol, but your advice is simply common sense. Binding systems and settings are never perfect. They're mechanical compromises in circumstances far too complexx to model accurately. We each must make the best estimate we can of risks vs, rewards. Thanks for helping make that clear.
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I ski at III+ too.  That's III+ using the chart and my ski chart age.  My ski chart age is the same as Jack Benny's wink.gif.  (my real age is not the same as Jack's; it just feels like it after a hard fall)


I've somehow learned not to have my skis come off most of the time when I fall, but they will come off when I hook a tip on some branches in the woods, or manage to get the outside one deflected under the inside one when trying to carve SL turns through a kink from steep to shallow on boiler plate. 

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Hey Ghost, you're not so old... I skied with Jack Benny! wink.gif


Like you, I refuse to act my age biggrin.gif but I know what you mean about feeling it frown.gif.   My tumbles caused no injuries but it's taken a week for the aches and pains to subside. My triceps are still visibly bruised. I'm glad I was wearing a small backpack. I felt it shielding my spine from some impacts until I could flip over - it's SO hard to self-arrest stylishly whilst cartwheeling eek.gif.


I also rarely lose a ski after falling. I hope anyone who skis at speed or on steeps understands to keep them off the snow until it's safe to edge again. Pre-releases are another matter of course. They don't result from falls, they cause the falls. It's pretty easy to launch over the handlebars when there aren't any.


With one exception all my releases were toepiece slide-outs during turn initition. I also came out of one heel piece when I ran a tip into a tree trunk... idiot! I was going quite slow and wouldn't have minded at all if the ski had just stayed on - my old skis would have. That's another clue that DIN 5.5 is just too low. Sigh... multiple premature ejaculations? At my age?  redface.gif


The week wasn't a complete loss though. I learned I can do pivot slips with the best of them, lol.

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