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Oldest piece of gear/equipement/garb that you are still using.

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Skis: 05 (Kryptons/Thermoflex)
Boots: 05 (Volant Platinums)
Bindings: 05 (Salomon 912)
Poles: 05 Now that my 98-99ish poles broke and stolen
Goggles: 00 (Spy)
Garb: 03 (K2/Columbia)

Rock Skis: 95 (Volant PK 173)
Bindings: 94 (Salomon DR8 w/o the suspension hardware)

Most is pretty new for me.
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Skis: 04 Fischer RC4s/03 Volkl G3s
Boots: 04 Technica Rivals
Bindings: 03 Marker Piston Controls
Poles: ?? Lekis
Goggles: 04 Oakley Wisdoms/05 Brikos
Garb: 04 Helly Hansen Verglas Coat/Pant
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1978 Roffe Stretch Pants, navy blue with faded red knee and lower legs panels, plastic boot protectors are discolored black. they still fit AWESOME!!!!!

Oakley Thermonuclear Radium Jacket thing

Paul Mitchell Hair Products Headband

watch out for me.
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Boots, what else?

'99 Langes. Just got the Lange FR120s to replace them, but can't bear to do the full fitting yet...
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00 Rossi jacket
03 Dynastar Course 64. Still a pile of ski for me, and in 90-95% condition
05 Dynastar Omeglass 63. Had 'em for a year now, and they're probably 85-90% despite my very best efforts otherwise...
04 Lange World Cup 130 w/ foam-injected liners. I've worn 'em 5 times. Around the house. That's it.
99 Salomon X-Free 9's. I never use these anymore. I hate them. I've tried desperately to sell 'em, and to no avail. Is 99 bucks really that much for 'em?? I think these will soon become part of my downhill chair...
02 Gabel poles. You can't really even tell who made 'em or what color they started out as from gate marks.
02 Auclair race gloves. They're rough.
Need new goggles and pants this year. Both were horked from me late last season.
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'98 Ice USA All Terrain poles...just never had a reason to replace them

2002 Dynastar SkiCross 66's.
2002 Look p12
2003 (maybe 02) Lange Banshee 110's
2004 Line Darksides
2004 Look p10
2004 Giro Nine
2004 spy goggles

Might break out the old flexons/ kastle anti-thesis for the bumps
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I have poles that I don't know how old they are, but from the color scheme must be from the early '80's (Kerma: pink with godawful green accents). I have one set of long johns that I still use that are also from that era.
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98-99 columbia titanium jacket (very shabby, was red but has faded to a grim colour)
97-98 olin apex nt (ice skates)
99 Salomon Performa Equipe 9 boots (I purchased 2 pairs at the same time as they were the only boots that got remotely near fitting, now on second pair after first eventually started to crack)
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Scott poles from circa 1976.

I was once using an old pair of goggles that I had lost in a moving box for a decade or two, and the foam disintegrated and blew into my eyes. - not fun.
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04 Elann 662
00 Scott Poles
94 Nordica Grand Prix Boots
99 Scott Googles
04 Decente Jacket
48 (based on the army date stamp) Wool pants
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I have a pair of socks from the late 90's that I'm retiring this year.

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Rock Skis: 1998 K2 Merlin V1
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I have a pair of 1919 Lund Nord wooden skis that I had the Amish make me some new leather bindings for. The are great to just go out when its soft in rolling hilly terrain. They are 223 cm.
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Scott Poles (the new ones) @ 1984
Kerma poles (for tree bashing etc) with break-a-way strap @ 1978

A Marker "Safety Strap"---I use to secure stuff. Date ?----who knows ?
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1975 Salomon duffle bag I keep my various gloves and hats , boot stuff. The bag is the old Salomon blue and orange colors.
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Don't get me going on this. I have all kinds of old stuff I inherited from my skiing parents that dates to early 70s and late 60s; like leather mittens, bug-eye goggles, flower print ski pants, ski area patches, brightly colored 3 point wool hats, hooded snowmobile suits, etc. I'm the kind of person who leaves extra, old ski accessories in my car trunk for years. Two years ago I was at Seven Springs, PA on a day when it snowed about 8". One of the teenagers I was with left his goggles at home. After two hours we went to my car and I gave him a pair from about 1977 vintage. They were a tacky design and the foam was all dry rotted away, but still better than nothing. He took one look and said "no thanks" and got his pop to buy him a new pair. Only about 3 years ago I fully retired a pair of 70s stretch pants that I used to wear occasionally on mild days. Too bad I didn't save a leisure suit for apres ski. Polyester forever! Do any mountains have retro days with free lift tics for people who wear old stuff?
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I have a very very old black patagonia zip turtleneck that must go back to about 1989. It is too comfortable and warm to give up.
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