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Goggles-Which is your favorite?

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I hate'm all or at least the one's I've owned. Does anyone have a suggestion for a brand/model that they like? Superior peripheral and downward vision is a must on my next pair. Let me know. Thanks!!
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My family all use the Scott Unlimited goggle. It is your basic old-fashion shape with good downward vision not hampered by a wide frame. The Unlimiteds stay fairly fog free and have the advantage of being 1/2 the cost of other goggles so you can buy a couple pair. 2 good goggles are better than one great goggle in my opinion.
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Uvex has the best lens I've ever had, compared to Scott, Smith, etc. If you have a family, I'd agree that several pairs of good goggles are sufficient. If it's just you, I'd go for the Uvex.
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I like my Bolle's with a bubble and vermillion lense.

It fits my face and helmet really well.

It also has very good peripheral.
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I only say this Briko Zar.
Had one pair for 5 years and when was time to replace them I got myself another pare of ZARs.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3643795931&category=21 230
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I really like my SPY's with the light grey lense.
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If youre looking for a goggle that is possibly the best for flat light and visibility, go with a Smith Triad Regulator with a yellow lens. I have sued these goggles for a few years now and they work great for flat light, fog, snow, rain, you name it. Sun can get a little bright at times if you look at the sky though. If you dont want to spend a lot of money, get the regular regulator... it serves the same purpose essentially, but doesnt have the looks that the triad does.
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Briko Icarus. Just that one step better than the Zar, which was my previous goggle.
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Pink lense is supposedly better for flat light... Actually, I even tried it. It *is* better.
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Another vote for Briko Icarus.
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Wiley-X SG1 with Rx lens ( Yellow and Brown ), converts into 'glasses when needs require...
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I strayed away from Bolle after many years to get a Carrera Kimerik and while I am very happy with the field of vision, their rose is pretty bad compared to Bolle's Vermillion which gave me the best contrast all that time. It is so wet here that a second pair of goggles may be agood idea and I'll get back to Bolle (and their trademark vermillion lens, not the new ones).

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I happen to have Briko (used Bolle for many years), but that is hardly important. Look for these things in goggles:

1) Fit. They should fit nicely so that there are no gaps or pressure points anywhere. It is important for them to fit well around the nose without being too tight.

2) Quality. Unfortunately, price and quality go hand in hand. The model I selected is a compromise. Not the best in flat light (yellow is the best there, despite what AlexG said) and not the best in bright light. My lens actually darkens in bright light (I believe you call that phototropic???) and it is vermillion. The Bolle I had before were the same way.

3) Periperal vision and downward vision are important too, but that depends on the design, not the lense.

4) Fit with a helmet. I don't wear a helmet, so that was not a problem, but if you do, bring the helmet when you buy the goggles.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all the good replies. I appreciate the effort, especially the info on lense type/color. My biggest issue with my previous goggles has been poor peripheral and downward vision. I guess I just need to try a few in the shop and see what works for me.

TomB...Thanks for the helmet tip. Sounds simple, but I probably wouldn't have thought of that. I would have thought they would all work with helmets nowadays
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