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Staying in Stowe... where else to ski?

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I have a trip planned to VT the first week in January and I'd like opinions (I know y'all will have them!) on where I should ski...

We're staying in Stowe for 4 nights, but only plan on skiing there 2 days... where else should we go? We're not at all afraid of driving in the snow, but would want to keep it under an hour. Our trip is Sun-Thurs, and our dates are considered low season - should I try Killington for a day? I'm also thinking of Mad River, but can be convinced otherwise on either.

My husband is new to skiing, and I think views will get him hooked more than slopes, he's good enough to ski with me, I'm not worried about that - so where should I take him to wow him with sights???

Thanks in advance!! (and where is the snow????!!!)
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Mad River Glen is great, but if there is not a ton of natural snow, skip it and come back in late Feb.
I'd go to Sugarbush-about 45 minutes south of Stowe. They have a good snowmaking system, and have great terrain for all abilities.
Jay, about an hour (never driven from Stowe to Jay, so my timing may be a bit off) north would be my second choice. They get the most natural snow in Vermont.
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2 days @ Stowe
1 day each at MRG & Sugarbush

Smugglers Notch is also very close and a can't miss while in the area.
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Smuggs, it's right next door.
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My take is to ski either Sugarbush or Mad River Glen which are about 30-45 min. away. But MRG might be too much for a new skier. Also Smugglers Notch might be another option. Not sure how far it is, but it is fairly close to Stowe. Killington is about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.

I personally would stay the whole time at Stowe, it is one of my favorites.
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Jay is only about an hour drive. I would go there before I would go to Killington.
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Originally Posted by highpeaksdrifter
Smuggs, it's right next door.
It's right next door, but it's an hour's drive. MRG and Smuggs are closer.
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Be sure to ski Spruce while you are at Stowe. If the Big Spruce lift is runing by then, some of the best views are up there, and Sterling is probably the best cruiser trail on the mountain.
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Sugarbush and MRG might be the closest at 45 minutes. If there isn't much natural snow between now and then you can skip MRG (one of the best places when there is snow).

Never done the drive in the winter, but the easiest way to Smuggs from Stowe would be to ride the lift (Spruce mountain?) and walk over the frozen lake to the top of Smuggs. They might frown upon you doing that though, so you'd have to drive.

Jay is another great place, and the drive up there from Stowe takes you through some beautiful coutryside.

Killington is 90 -120 minutes away, and bound to be busier than any of the other options.
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I was hoping for real snow before, now I'm praying, as something about MRG has got me! MRG gets a day as long as we get snow, but I have faith!

You've all convinced me Killington is out, so now our last days is between Smugs, SB, and Jays. If we have the time of our lives, we can stretch the trip to Friday, so perhaps I'll end up with 5 days of skiing in (not sure how the wallet will hold out...)

Thanks a bunch - and I'm jealous of all you out skiing already, here in WNY we've got nuttin!
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There's also Bolton. That's probably the closest of all. I think Jay will be at least 1 1/2 hours. SB would be around 45 minutes.
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One day at Jay is a no brainer. Quite a snow belt up at Jay and the glades are the best around. A second day at Sugarbush would be my next choice. About an hour drive each way. One day north and one day south. Stay a fifth day and add in MRG.
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