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Rossignol Boot Query

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Does anyone know if Rossignol are still producing the rather trendy Freeride XX in black and white? I know they first came out a couple of years ago but I saw what looked like the latest model in a shop in Lake Louise earlier this year. I was just wondering if they will be doing a model for this season!

Many thanks!
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Hi Rhys,
Here's there model range for this year...

The best boot to go for is the one that fits the best.
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Rhys, I'm skiing in last year's model, the Bandit B2, which is sort of a reverse image color pattern of the old white boot with black overlay. Looks like they call it the "Elite BANDIT" this year.

But buy the boot that fits best.
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Rossi tossed alot out the window for this season with their boots...the Elite Bandit or whatever is quite different, though i doubt it is any less of a boot. the people who fit in rossi boots rave about them harder than anyother boot-people i know.

you should be able to find an old one though - the color was liked or disliked and the boot on the whole never seemed to get the press the bandit skis did.

look into a race pro boot from last year too - pretty mucht the same, better liner (stiffer, more reinforced, better durability).
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