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Volkl Bindings

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Any opinions on the new Volkl & Marker Motion Bindings?? I am thinking of buying new Volkl P50 skis and am wondering about the Motion gear.Thanks!

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You're right, Fresno State does rule.
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Alright, maybe they do to. hell, we can barely beat the Cyclones!
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I skied them and they didnt feel as great as i had expected. they were very damp though, if you like a smooth damp ride this is one for you. The p50 sl lacked the energy that i was expacting out of it - but that could have been the ski not the binding. It did give a smooth ride and very nice round turns. I wouldnt complain about skiing it but its not one of my top choices as far as race plates go.
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Greg... Thanks for your thgouhts. I think volkl makes a good carving ski and i am torn between the Atomic 9:18's and the Volkl P50 Slalom Carver. The motion bindings are a good concept I just wonder how well they work.

Have any thoughts about which are the best carving skis on the market?
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