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Need advice - ski purchase

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First post here, ran across the board when searching for sites with ski-reviews. Been lurking a few weeks, seems like a great place. Have gotten some nice tips....anyway, on to the problem.

I'm looking to buy new skis, and after reading tons of reviews (that say different things) and several threads making me none the wiser I thought I'd ask here.

I'm a 26 year old male from Sweden (so skiing will be, unfortunately, in swedish conditions only). I'm 190cm and weigh about 83kgs (~6.3 & 180lbs). I work out 2-4 times a week (weights and cardio) so I'm in fairly good shape. I've been on the snow for about 23 years (first 10 skiing, then 10 snowboarding and the past 2 or 3 years I've started skiing again, and having a blast with the shaped skiis. I'd say I'm probably a level 7 or 8 skier and I like to go fast and make pretty long turns, but I like to have the option to play around a bit to i.e. shorter turns in slower speeds since the slope and the crowds might not allow for higher speeds. Not too keen on moguls, and if there's deep pow, I'd (I hesitate to say it) rather snowboard, unless I have really fat skis (which I haven't tried yet). So...racecarvers would be my choice. I've rented Salomon Crossmax 10s and Salomon Equipe RCs, and that is pretty much the extent of my experience with new skis.

I'm gonna buy boots first, but I'll do that a local shop (Alpingaraget in Stockholm) and get custom liners and stuff, so I dunno if I need additional help there.

I've been looking at Völkl 6****** and the Superspeed (prob in 182) and at Stöcklis. I really want to demo before I buy but it might not be possible. I plan to order the skis from, either from ebay, or http://www.sportconrad.de/ or http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/sho...hp?language=en because the prices in Sweden are frickin' outrageous (the superspeeds are $1400 in sweden, and cost $900 incl. shipping when bought from Ebay, huusmann_snow_skiing). The boots are going to be expensive enough.

So, if anyone has some advice I'd really appreciate it.


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Stocklis rock.......

You could pop down to the factory in switzerland & just pick some up yes? should be cheap like that....
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Well, the cost of the trip would probably negate any profit I would make
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Keen, geography isn't a strong point on here sometimes!
The Volkl 6 star is a very nice ski.I'd certainly consider it.

Also, if you want performance, but aren't afraid of shorter skis, try the Head iXRC 1100 Sandwich - I'm about 8cm shorter than you, and maybe 8kg lighter, and the longest I'd go for is 163. You might go as long as a 170 in them, but no more.

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Thanks, I'll check it out...funny, I was on the Head site looking at boots when you posted

Lenght is something I'm really uncertain on.
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I'm leaning towards the 6****** more and more. Question now is what lenght I should get it in. I'm hearing that I should get it shorter than I normally would, 175 as opposed to 182. Is that correct?
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Stockli either the Cross or the SC would fit the bill. The Cross Pro is really a race ski, only consider it if you want to work that hard. I'm personally on the Spririt Pro II which is a true all mountain. Guys I know in your height and weight ski it in 170. For what you want I wouldn't go over 175 in anything I'd even go 170 if you have a chance to demo and compare.
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