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Head c 140 w/ railflex bindings

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I am new to this forum...lots of great information.

I am a relatively new skiier. I have mastered the greens and handled the easy blues okay. Rather than lease skiis again this year, I am thinking of buying a decent pair of low-intermediate skiis.

My goal is to be in control, have fun, and show up for work Monday. I do not care about speed. I want to improve and have fun doing it.

After looking around and comparing prices, the Head c 140's with railfrlex bindings are high on my list.

Does anyone have any comments about these skiis, Head in general? Any other suggestions for me?


Scott K.
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In general, I think the advice you'll get is to first get a pair of good, well-fitting boots if you don't already have them, and then worry about the skis.

I'm a high-intermediate skier and I've tried my son's C130's, which I believe are the predecessor to the 140's. I found them a lot of fun, very forgiving, and quite stable at the generally moderate speeds that I ski.

In general, Head is a long-standing Austrian ski company with a good reputation for recreational skis. For an intermediate, groomed run skier, looking to improve, I think the C140's are a good value.

Here is a link to a review that you may find interesting:

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Thanks Curtiss.
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I am a similar skier and looking for a similar ski!

Had not considered the Head c140; I appreciate the idea! I perused the Head website and it certainly looks like an interesting candidate.

Question, however: Why did you settle on the c140 as opposed to, say, the c160?


- Jim
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140 vs 160

Hi Jim,

I came to the comclusion that the 160 may be too much ski for me because one of my good friends has the 160's (which is why I looked at the 140's) and he is a much, much better skier than I. I tried his skiis, since we are the same size and weight, I had the DIN numbers adjusted. Although they slid down the mountain under me, I feel the 140 is more suited for me. Based on the description from the website, the 140 is what I need, the 160 is a step too much.

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Thanks. I appreciate your description of how you settled on the c140.

It's easy to find numbers and marketing litereature on the various skis; I'm looking for what you provided: A good description! (And especially from the point of view of an intermediate skier).

Thanks again and best of luck on your purchase.
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