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Zip Fit custom liners

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Has anyone here used the new ones. If so what were impressions of them.
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Don't know what you mean by new ones. I picked a pair in March of '04 and although it took a return adjustment and a couple of weeks breakin the differences they made in my skiing were tangible. Post back if you know about a newer model.
I would highly recommend the ones I purchased in March
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I have the new ones in my boots currently and had the older ones in my previous boots.

The new ones come in either leather (like the old ones) or a neoprene type fabric (what I have now). Supposedly the fabric is supposed to be easier to slide into and solve the 'clammy' feeling some felt in the leather. I never had a problem with the leather and would have gotten it again, but when I was getting fitted they were out of stock. Both are very comfortable. The new ones also have a firmer 'shell' and it seems the tongue is slightly different. I changed boots at the time I changed liners, so I can't say if these 'structural' changes had any supposed performance effect, the tongue is more comfortable though. The new ones have a better heal pocket, although I can't recall what changes brought this about.

I've got the old ones stored in the basement, so if you have a specific question I can compare them and let you know...
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